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Some people with alcohol or drug addiction may be concerned about leaving their pet during rehab. Pet-friendly rehab centers allow people to bring their pets to treatment, easing their concerns and providing treatment benefits.

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Centers

Going to an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center is a worthwhile investment in a person’s mental and physical health. It can be a bit nerve-wracking though, especially for those who have social anxiety, depression, or other conditions that make going through new experiences more challenging.

One way that treatment centers are helping these affected individuals is by allowing them to bring a furry friend along to the rehab. Listed below are five of the best pet-friendly drug rehab facilities to try:

1. Alta Mira, Sausalito, California

For pet-friendly addiction treatment in California that is accredited by the Joint Commission, look no further than the Alta Mira rehab. They offer 30-day and 90-day residential treatment and detox programs.

This inpatient treatment facility is unique because they provide private rooms for patients who want to bring their furry best friend along for emotional support. Potential patients are encouraged to contact the rehab facility ahead of time to make sure that pet-friendly treatment rooms are available.

Facility contact information:

125 Bulkley Ave.
Sausalito, CA 94965
(877) 318-2156


2. Cliffside Malibu, Malibu, California

Cliffside Malibu features one of the most luxurious alcohol and drug treatment programs in the United States. Each of their rooms is filled with beautiful furniture, Egyptian cotton linens, and a window with a view of the ocean. On top of this, they provide gourmet meals that are whipped up in the kitchen by a highly skilled chef.

In addition, this is a rehab center that understands there are benefits of pets in addiction treatment. This is why they allow patients in their alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs to bring their pets with them.

The current treatment options that are available at this pet-friendly rehab center include:

  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • residential treatment
  • detox programs
  • family programs
  • dual diagnosis treatment programs

Location and contact information:

29160 Heathercliff Rd.
Suite 200
Malibu, CA 90265
(844) 875-4726

3. Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles, California

The Hills Treatment Center features addiction treatment programs for nearly any drug and alcohol addiction. Because patients may stay in the drug rehab facility for several months, they are allowed to bring their dog with them.

But they must be sure to bring the pet’s food, leashes, bedding, and toys. The rehab center doesn’t provide these items.

Types of substance abuse treatment at this dog-friendly rehab center include:

  • hospital inpatient
  • standard inpatient
  • detox
  • residential
  • outpatient
  • partial hospitalization
  • aftercare
  • online therapy

Location and contact information:

8207 Mulholland Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(844) 915-0287

4. Hickory Wind Ranch Recovery, Austin, Texas

Hickory Wind Ranch Recovery is based out of Austin, Texas, but the bulk of their detoxification services and residential substance use disorder treatment takes place in Maui, Hawaii.

In order for a patient to be able to bring their dog to this pet friendly rehab facility, they just have to make sure that they have received all their shots. There is no limit on which breeds of dogs that patients can bring with them, but aggressive animals are not allowed at the treatment center.

Included in their substance abuse treatment program are these incredible amenities:

  • yoga classes
  • martial arts classes
  • hot tub and dry sauna
  • maid service

They also offer therapy and education on these important mental health subjects:

  • emotional intelligence development
  • self-compassion
  • releasing shame
  • codependency
  • compulsive behaviors

Location and contact information:

1013 Penion Dr.
Austin, TX 78748
(512) 598-5165

5. Riviera Recovery, Los Angeles, California

Riviera Recovery is a residential rehab where addicted people with pets can receive a mixture of evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies. Dogs and cats are allowed in their inpatient drug rehab, so long as you take care of your pet.

Two of the best rehab programs they have for pet owners are provided in their sober living houses and drug and alcohol rehab center. Both of these facilities allow dogs and cats.

Location and contact information:

181 South Surfview Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90272
(855) 207-9708

What Are Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers?

Pet-friendly rehabs are special addiction treatment facilities that allow patients to bring their pets along with them during their residential or inpatient treatment.

Usually, there is no extra charge for patients to receive this benefit. In these treatment centers, it is considered an important factor in boosting their mental health and well-being.

There are sometimes limitations on which pets that a patient can bring with them, though. Dogs and cats are allowed, but large animals and reptiles are often forbidden. It is best to check with each rehab facility first, because they may be willing to make special accommodations for certain patients.

Benefits Of Bringing Your Pet To Drug Rehab

Bringing a pet along to a treatment center benefits addicted individuals in many different ways:

Relaxation And Security

First, it helps them to be able to relax more. Having our pets with us helps us know they are safe. This allows patients to be able to focus better on the treatment process.

Some studies also suggest that spending time with your pet prompts oxytocin release, a feel-good chemical. One of the many goals of addiction treatment is finding healthy ways to produce these natural chemicals without drug or alcohol abuse.

Promoting Exercise

Having a pet with them helps encourage people to get out of their rooms more often too, especially if they have a dog that needs to be taken outside for walks several times a day.

This is important because some addicted individuals feel scared and isolated when they are at a treatment facility with people they don’t know. By getting outside more often, they have a chance to meet other addicted individuals who know what they are going through.

Emotional Support

Lastly, pets provide an incredible amount of emotional support and unconditional love to people who have a co-occurring disorder, which makes it difficult for them to be able to express their feelings to others as well as they want to.

Pet-Friendly Treatment Program FAQs

Treatment programs that allow patients to bring pets often put in place a few rules and requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of the patients, staff, and animals.

Do Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers Require Shot Records?

Many pet-friendly addiction treatment centers require up-to-date vaccinations. These can usually be obtained from a local veterinarian at a low cost. Vaccinations are important because there may be other animals at the treatment facility. Diseases could easily be passed from one animal to another.

Will I Have To Keep My Pet On A Leash?

Most dog or cat-friendly rehab centers ask that you keep your pets on a leash. While most pets are well-behaved, they may become a little adventurous when they get to a new environment. The leash helps by keeping them close to their owner at all times.

Who Provides Pet Food And Supplies During Drug Rehab?

Pet food is another important issue to address. Each patient has to provide the food, water, and any other items that their pet needs while at the rehab center.

Who Will Take Care Of Your Pet During Addiction Treatment?

During a patient’s stay, they will also be expected to handle all of the care that their pet needs, such as taking it for walks, giving it baths, and brushing its fur.

Those who are unable to complete these tasks because they are sick from the detox process or the side effects of medications can sometimes ask their loved ones for help. But treatment counselors and clinicians usually will not be able to assist them in any way.

My Dog Or Cat Is Aggressive—Can I Still Bring It To Rehab?

The last item to address is the temperament requirements that most drug and alcohol rehab facilities have. Dogs and cats that behave aggressively to people or other animals are not allowed because they could cause injuries.

Treatment Options In Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Centers

Many treatment facilities are beginning to incorporate animals into different kinds of therapies because it helps provide their patients with a buffer against anxiety, nervousness, and isolation.

Animals don’t judge others based on the mistakes or choices they have made, what they look like, or what kind of beliefs they have. Pets just want to be loved and cared for. When furry friends are included in experiential therapies, they are often able to help bring people together in a unique way.

Besides allowing patients to bring a beloved pet to a treatment facility, some outpatient rehab centers are including them in animal-assisted therapy.

The way animal-assisted therapy works is that a patient can hold or pet a dog or cat while they talk through their difficult emotions. The animal may sometimes be their own pet, but some therapists bring in emotional-support dogs or other animals, too.

Find A Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Today

Treatment centers that allow pets are a wonderful alternative for addicted individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to spend a lengthy amount of time at an inpatient rehab facility.

The five rehab centers that accept pets mentioned here are just a handful of the treatment options that pet owners have. To learn how to find a pet-friendly drug rehab, be sure to call our addiction helpline today.

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