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Addiction In Older Adults

Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Older Adults

According to data from 2018, about one million adults aged 65 and older have a substance use disorder (SUD). Many more go unrecognized as patterns of heavy use or at-risk use remain undiagnosed. Certain risk factors, such as co-occurring conditions and chronic pain, contribute to SUD among older adults. The most common substance of abuse […]

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Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms During Dry January

Dry January: What To Do If You Have Withdrawal Symptoms

For some people, participating in Dry January can lead to withdrawal symptoms as the body detoxes from alcohol, especially after periods of heavy drinking over the holidays. Dry January refers to refraining from drinking alcohol for the first month of the New Year. What started as a campaign from the United Kingdom’s Alcohol Concern in […]

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Social Detox For Addiction Treatment

Social Detox: Is It Effective?

For some people, social model detoxification, otherwise known as social detox, is an effective detox method when in addiction treatment. While many drug and alcohol detoxification programs use medications, social detox relies on therapy and emotional support to help a person come off substances. This treatment method is used at a number of rehab facilities […]

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Is Getting Sober A Good New Year's Resolution?

Is ‘Getting Sober’ A Good New Year’s Resolution In Recovery?

The short answer is yes, it’s always a good goal to want to get sober and put your health first. But if you say that your goal is getting sober but don’t create a plan to get there, you may be setting yourself up for failure. You or your loved one can achieve sobriety in […]

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How To Manage Stress In Recovery During Christmas

5 Ways To Manage Stress In Recovery Over Christmas

Studies have proven that stress is a significant risk factor for drug use and relapse. Stress can cause both emotional and physiological challenges. A few of the common physiological stressors are hunger, sleep deprivation, and drug withdrawal. Emotional stress might include mental illness or the loss of a loved one. Learning adaptive behaviors to deal […]

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Gender Differences In Addiction Treatment

Gender Differences In Drug Addiction And Treatment Rates

Research shows that men tend to get addiction treatment more frequently than women do, which is due to issues related to child care, primary care attention, and types of addictions. There is a large number of untreated, unassessed women in need of addiction treatment. Additionally, women are more willing to get treatment than men, but […]

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Is MAT Safe?

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Safe?

Medication-assisted treatment is a safe treatment method for drug and alcohol addiction withdrawal management. MAT is used to treat opioid abuse, alcohol addiction, and tobacco use and uses a variety of evidence-based, proven treatment methods to help people overcome addiction and manage detox symptoms. Some people have concerns over the use of medications in MAT […]

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Commonly Abused Drugs In The Workplace

List Of The 12 Most Commonly Abused Drugs In The Workplace

Drug and alcohol use is believed to be present to some degree in all industries, with some employees either abusing substances at work or before arriving at work. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the type of drug use and amount of abuse varies across industries. The following types of […]

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Common Causes Of Drug Relapse

10 Most Common Causes Of Addiction Relapse

Addiction relapse isn’t an uncommon experience among those with a former drug or alcohol addiction. In fact, it’s estimated that about 40 to 60 percent of people in the United States who seek substance abuse treatment experience relapse at least once. Relapse can be a learning experience. And it doesn’t erase the progress you’ve made. […]

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Causes Of Addiction In Veterans

What Causes Drug Addiction In Veterans?

U.S. veterans are at heightened risk for developing substance abuse problems, particularly alcohol abuse and addiction to prescription painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone. What causes drug addiction in veterans, however, is often tied to multiple factors. Veterans can face unique issues that place them at higher risk for substance abuse, including PTSD. Ultimately, what causes […]

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