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Possibilities In Brain-Stimulated Addiction Treatment

New Research Reveals Possibilities In Brain-Stimulated Addiction Treatment

Researchers have discovered a brain network that is linked to several mental health disorders that often occur together, such as addiction, bipolar disorder, and depression. Although specific regions of the brain had previously been identified as being associated with specific mental health disorders, this is the first time that scientists have identified that they “plug […]

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Whippet Abuse

Whippet Abuse: Dangers Of Teens Using Whippets

Whippet abuse is most commonly found in teenagers and young adults with a small percentage of use occurring between the ages of 21 and 34. A high from a whippet can begin seconds after use but only lasts a few minutes. The effects on the brain and the person’s mental health can last much longer. […]

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Recovering From A Holiday Relapse

How To Recover From A Relapse After The Holidays

The holidays can be a time for relaxing with family and friends, enjoying some time off work, and reflecting on the past year while preparing for the new one. However, expectations to enjoy the holidays can make this a particularly difficult time for some. Many people find themselves stressed out or dealing with loneliness or […]

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Teen Fentanyl Crisis Campaign

‘Drop The F Bomb’ Campaign Raises Awareness About The Teen Fentanyl Crisis

On Wednesday, December 14 the Ad Council rolled out a campaign called “Drop the F*Bomb” to encourage parents to talk to their children about fentanyl. The campaign website provides parents with guides that explain how to talk to their kids about fentanyl. Additional resources describe the risks of fentanyl and the symptoms of an opioid […]

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What Is Cotton Fever?

What Is Cotton Fever? Causes And Effects

Cotton fever is a kind of infection that is sometimes seen among people who inject substances such as heroin, an illicit opioid drug, and methamphetamine (meth). This infection comes with symptoms similar to other common ailments such as the flu, with other side effects that can require medical treatment if symptoms do not go away […]

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Is There A Fentanyl Vaccine?

Can A Fentanyl Vaccine Help Cure Opioid Addiction?

Opioid addiction, also known as opioid use disorder, affects the lives of millions of Americans. So, too, does the nation’s drug overdose crisis, which in recent years has largely been driven by the proliferation of synthetic opioid fentanyl in the illicit drug supply. A new fentanyl vaccine, intended to help fight opioid addiction and overdose […]

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Heroin Chic

What Is Heroin Chic?

Heroin chic is a term that was popularized in the 1990s that’s used to describe an ultra-thin, waifish body, as well as a style of fashion photography that glamorized a skeletal figure. The term has gained attention again due to a recent New York Post article that claimed heroin chic was “in” again, while fuller, […]

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Heroin Triangle

What Is The Heroin Triangle?

The Heroin Triangle is a cluster of wealthy Atlanta suburbs in Georgia that have all seen high rates of heroin-related overdose deaths. Included in the Heroin Triangle are Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb, and Gwinnett counties, although the area is still expanding. The counties of Cherokee and Forsyth were added in 2017. The southern point of the […]

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Gas Station Heroin

What Is Gas Station Heroin?

“Gas station heroin” is a slang term, or nickname, for a drug known as tianeptine. This drug, marketed as an antidepressant, is not approved for medical use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In recent years, it’s become a growing public health concern. This drug is sometimes sold illegally in convenience stores or […]

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Is Nitazene More Dangerous Than Fentanyl?

Could New Nitazene Street Drugs Be As Dangerous As Fentanyl?

Drug overdose deaths in the United States reached record highs in 2020 and 2021, in a trend driven largely by the misuse or accidental ingestion of illicit synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. Nitazenes, another type of synthetic opioid, are also worsening the overdose crisis in certain parts of the United States, such as Tennessee. According […]

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