Top 8 Alabama Detox And Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Updated on January 9, 2023

Rehab centers in Alabama offer addiction treatment and detox programs for drug and alcohol abuse. Treatment services can include behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

The state of Alabama has a number of rehab centers that offer treatment programs for alcohol and drug abuse that include detox and mental health services.

These rehab centers can be found in all regions of the state, and their treatment services can happen in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Services can include a variety of approaches to addiction treatment.

List Of Alabama Rehabilitation And Detox Facilities

Below is a list of alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities in Alabama.

Each treatment facility has been vetted for this list by considering accreditation, Google ratings, memberships, and other marks of quality.

1. Birmingham Metro Treatment Center, Birmingham, Alabama

The Birmingham Metro Treatment Center offers MAT and behavioral therapy in group and individual settings in addition to medically supervised detox in Birmingham, AL.

This addiction treatment center also offers free or low-cost rehab programs and works with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies for opioid addiction treatment.

Birmingham Metro Treatment Center has a 4-star rating on Google.

Location and contact information:

151 Industrial Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35211
(205) 941-1799

Find out more about Birmingham Metro Treatment Center.

2. Birmingham Recovery Center, Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Recovery Center offers detox from alcohol and drugs like benzodiazepines as a necessary step before entering treatment.

Treatment consists of three levels of outpatient care:

  • partial hospitalization programs
  • intensive outpatient programs
  • regular outpatient level of care

Birmingham Recovery accepts major health insurance companies, has many client testimonials, and is certified by LegitScript.

Location and contact information:

2501 International Park Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35243
(205) 813-7400

3. Bradford Health Services, Warrior, Alabama

Bradford Health Services has locations for detox and addiction treatment in several states throughout the south, including a residential treatment and detox center in Warrior, AL.

This treatment organization also provides continuing care and outpatient services in nearby Birmingham, AL. Bradford Health Services is accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by LegitScript.

Location and contact information:

1189 Allbritton Rd.
Warrior, AL 35180
(888) 762-3740

Learn more about Bradford Health Systems.

4. The Journey Detox and Recovery, Ashland, Alabama

The Journey Detox and Recovery has several locations in Alabama that offer medical detox from alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opioids.

Located in regional hospitals, the Journey Detox provides addiction education, counseling, and aftercare planning for long-term treatment. The Journey has many testimonials on its website.

Location and contact information:

83825 Highway 9
Ashland, AL 36251
(800) 583-2197

5. Lakeland Community Hospital, Haleyville, Alabama

Lakeland Community Hospital has a medical detox unit where doctors, nurses, and detox specialists ensure that you withdraw safely from chemical dependency.

They also offer MAT and relapse prevention in Haleyville, AL.

Lakeland has a number of community partners to whom they can refer for outpatient, inpatient, and addiction counseling services.

Location and contact information:

42024 AL-195
Haleyville, AL 35565
(205) 486-5213

6. Self-Recovery, Centre, Alabama

With a location close to Huntsville, AL, and two more in other parts of the state, Self-Recovery is a medical detox program that addresses substance and polysubstance use disorders.

Self-recovery conducts detox at the inpatient level of care with the goal of getting clients ready for the education component of the program.

Self-Recovery is accredited by the Joint Commission and has a 3.9 rating on Google.

Location and contact information:

400 Northwood Dr.
Centre, AL 35960
(866) 255-3350

7. Walker Creek Wellness, Montgomery, Alabama

Walker Creek Wellness offers addiction treatment and supervised detox services. Inpatient and outpatient treatment settings give clients the appropriate access to the services they need.

Addiction treatment services in Montgomery, AL, include:

  • evidence-based behavioral therapy
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • personalized treatment plans
  • group therapy

Location and contact information:

2101 Eastern Blvd.
Suite 223
Montgomery, AL 36117
(334) 530-6308

8. Whitfield Regional Medical Detox, Demopolis, Alabama

Whitfield Detox offers inpatient treatment services for safe detoxification supervised by the hospital’s medical staff.

The services provided at this detox center comprise a beginning to recovery. Whitfield has a network of community and state-wide partners that receive referrals for addiction counseling.

Location and contact information:

105 Highway 80 East
Demopolis, AL 36732
(334) 289-4000

Learn more about Whitfield Regional Medical Detox.

Addiction Treatment Services You May Find In Alabama Rehab Centers

Alcohol and drug rehab centers put together treatment plans from any number of addiction treatment services that you can find in Alabama.

You may see treatment options such as:

  • inpatient treatment
  • relapse prevention
  • 12-step programs
  • medical advice
  • detoxification
  • mental health services
  • residential treatment
  • behavioral health services
  • outpatient programs
  • dual diagnosis treatment (or treatment for co-occurring disorders)
  • MAT
  • behavioral therapy

Common treatment services at detox centers also include healthcare and aftercare.

What To Look For In A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facility In Alabama

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether a drug and alcohol treatment center provides a quality recovery program for substance abuse.

When considering a treatment facility, be sure to look for one or more of the following:

  • accreditation through one of the recognized bodies such as the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) or the Joint Commission
  • licensure through the appropriate state office such as the Alabama Department of Mental Health
  • memberships with credible organizations such as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • community partnerships with trusted community donors or other organizations that partner in substance abuse treatment

You should also consider client testimonials or Google ratings.

FAQs For Alabama Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

If you have questions about Alabama rehab centers and their treatment programs, please consult the frequently asked questions below.

According to Current Psychiatry Reports, about 85% of people relapse within the first year after substance abuse treatment.

But the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) cautions that relapse can be part of the recovery process and does not mean that addiction treatment failed.

Yes, there are treatment providers that offer free rehab programs in Alabama.

Many free rehab centers are able to do so usually through donations or government grants.

Yes, there are. Long-term residential treatment is often a good choice if a client has relapsed several times or has a severe substance use disorder.

Yes, there are rehab centers in Alabama that provide LGBT-focused addiction treatment.

These treatment providers offer programs that address issues unique to LGBTQ-identifying people.

Yes, there are.

The Alabama Medicaid Agency provides access to Alabama Medicaid insurance that offers addiction treatment coverage for those who qualify to participating addiction treatment centers.

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