Top 5 Maine Detox And Inpatient Rehab Centers

Updated on August 20, 2020

Residents struggling with alcohol or drug addiction in Maine can find a number of addiction treatment options. Inpatient drug rehab centers in Maine provide residential treatment, mental health treatment, detox programs, and other rehab programs to help addicted individuals achieve recovery.

Substance abuse in Maine may not be as severe as it is in other areas of the United States, but it is still a serious problem. As with other areas of the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situations of those who struggle with addiction. Some people believe there is no help or are especially afraid of seeking help.

The good news is that there is help, and many inpatient drug rehab centers in Maine are indeed open. It is crucial that an addicted individual seek treatment, including inpatient treatment, to avoid the devastation that their disease can cause.

A patient who enters a residential drug rehab center lives there for a time while they’re being treated for their addiction. They may opt for medical detox to curb cravings and other withdrawal symptoms while they are helped with other addiction therapies.

Here is a list of the top five Maine residential treatment and detox facilities in alphabetical order:

1. Ascentria Community Services, Lewiston, Maine

Ascentria Community Services is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that helps patients heal from their addiction through psychosocial rehab services. They accept patients with serious mental illness as well as addiction and offer aftercare programs.

Facility contact information:

30-32 Martin Dr.
Lewiston, ME 04240
(207) 783-3446 x126

2. Spencer Street, Augusta, Maine

Spencer Street is an inpatient treatment center for adults of all ages. They also treat patients with dual diagnoses and those who have been referred by the court. They offer case management and intensive case management and care for patients who have undergone trauma or have PTSD.

Facility contact information:

9 Spencer St.
Augusta, ME 04330
(207) 512-8191

3. Wall Street, Portland, Maine

Wall Street is a Maine rehab center offering residential treatment programs that provide medical detox and behavior modification and activity therapy to help their patients recover from addiction.

They welcome patients with serious mental health disorders, have community outreach services, and help with supported housing.

Facility contact information:

25 Wall St.
Portland, ME 04103
(207) 899-4798

4. Waterville Alcohol And Drug Rehab, Waterville, Maine

This residential drug rehab center offers adult and young adult patients short- and long-term drug rehab. Once there, patients are helped through group therapy and individual psychotherapy. They welcome members of the active-duty military as well as veterans. They also have detoxification programs for those who need them.

Facility contact information:

80 Waterville Commons Dr.
Waterville, ME 04901
(207) 209-2920

5. Wellspring Inc. Men’s Program, Bangor, Maine

This residential treatment center offers medical detox for men struggling with addiction. They use buprenorphine (Suboxone) and oral naltrexone to ease the discomforts of opioid withdrawal, and Antabuse and Campral to help their patients heal from alcohol addiction.

They also have such treatment approaches as relapse prevention, the 12-step approach, the Matrix Model to help patients overcome addiction to stimulants, and trauma therapy.

Facility contact information:

98 Cumberland St.
Bangor, ME 04401
(207) 941-1600

Maine Substance Abuse and Addiction Rates

In 2018, Maine saw 202 overdose deaths that involved opioids, which was a substantial decrease from the year before. Of those deaths, 69 involved prescription opioids, and 71 involved heroin.

Opiate prescription abuse is responsible for many opioid addictions, and many opioid use disorders start with a prescription. During 2018, Maine doctors wrote 48.1 opioid prescriptions per 100 people. The rate in the United States as a whole was 51.4 per 100 people.

In Maine, the major drugs of abuse are:

  • prescription opioids
  • methamphetamine
  • cocaine
  • crack
  • heroin
  • marijuana
  • Xanax
  • club drugs

In 2015, 12,046 adolescents and adults were admitted into Maine drug rehab programs.

Choosing A Maine Drug Rehab Or Detox Program

When choosing a Maine drug rehab program, a patient should remember that they are choosing a form of health care meant to treat a dangerous and chronic disease. Therefore, the treatment center should have at least a few qualifications.

Some of these are:

  • accreditation: An accredited rehab facility has shown that its standards of care and treatment are high.
  • payment options: Most Maine inpatient treatment centers accept some form of insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare. Some also accept state, county, or local funds, and block grants. Others accept cash or self-payment or arrange for patients to pay on a sliding scale or set up a payment schedule.
  • range of rehab programs: An alcohol or drug treatment facility that has a good range of rehab programs can better tailor the patient’s treatment to their needs.

Maine Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

Rehab and detox centers in Maine differ greatly from one to the next. However, there are a few common rehab programs offered at the majority of rehab centers.

Some of the drug rehab programs offered by Maine alcohol and drug treatment centers include:

  • inpatient rehab programs: These intensive programs help those with severe addictions make deep changes to their health, behaviors, relationships, and more to achieve recovery.
  • dual diagnosis treatment programs: These programs are geared toward patients who not only struggle with addiction but have mental health issues as well. It’s not unusual for patients to have both.
  • detox programs: These programs help patients flush drugs of abuse out of their systems under supervision. They often use medications to blunt cravings and the worst of the patient’s withdrawal symptoms.
  • outpatient treatment: Most Maine rehab centers offer outpatient services as well as inpatient programs. With outpatient treatment, the patient visits the rehab center for a few hours during the week. Medical detoxification can be facilitated in outpatient programs.

Find A Maine Drug Rehab And Detox Center

It’s important to have treatment if you or a loved one have a substance use disorder. Know that even during the pandemic, Maine drug and alcohol treatment centers are open. For more information on addiction treatment programs, check out the facilities listed below or contact our treatment specialists at

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