Top 5 Hawaii Detox And Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Updated on August 28, 2020

Hawaii residents who struggle with drug and alcohol issues can easily find treatment at one of the residential and inpatient drug rehab facilities located on the island.

According to the Hawaii Opioid Initiative, Hawaii has been declared a high-intensity drug trafficking area because of the flood of opioids and illicit drugs that tourists continuously bring to the isolated island.

The drug issues seem to be impacting young people less than 25 years old the most because the substances are being heavily sold in high schools and colleges across the state. But adults over 50 have recently begun to be affected, too.

To help reverse these drug and alcohol addiction trends, addicted individuals can seek treatment at an inpatient facility that provides medical detox services, counseling, behavioral therapy, and other treatment options.

Five drug rehab facilities in Hawaii that offer the best treatment in the state have been listed below:

1. Aloha House, Makawao, Hawaii

The Aloha House is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Their facility provides these types of treatment:

  • detox programs
  • residential drug rehab program
  • crisis residential drug rehab program
  • outpatient care

Which services a person may need at this treatment center vary by individual.

These are the programs and services that are provided to each patient once they are admitted to this facility:

  • screening
  • assessments
  • counseling
  • psychological services
  • community-based case management services
  • recovery education
  • transitional living program
  • intensive family therapy
  • drug court
  • crisis mobile outreach program
  • crisis support management

Learn more about Aloha House.

Facility contact information:

4593 Ike Dr.
Maunaolu Campus
Makawao, HI 96768
(808) 579-8414

2. Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, Hakalau, Hawaii

The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center is a CARF-accredited Hawaii rehab center. The treatment options that are available at their facility include inpatient detoxification and short-term and long-term residential treatment.

This rehab center offers non-12-step treatment methods, such as:

  • experiential engagement therapy
  • core belief restructuring
  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy
  • anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder therapy
  • holistic health integration
  • art and music therapy
  • mindfulness
  • brain healing therapy
  • emotional intelligence therapy
  • laughter therapy
  • yoga

Facility contact information:

31-631 Old Mamalahoa Hwy.
Hakalau, HI 96710
(808) 775-0200

3. Hawaii Island Recovery, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii Island Recovery is accredited by the Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The rehab facility offers medical detox programs for severe withdrawal symptoms and short-term and long-term residential treatment for those with substance use disorders.

This facility is unique because it is the only rehab programs in the world to offer wild dolphin-assisted therapy as part of its experiential therapy program.

Some of the other evidence-based treatment options that are available here include:

  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • neurofeedback
  • dual diagnosis treatment

They also have these holistic therapies:

  • reiki
  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • yoga

Learn more about Hawaii Island Recovery.

Facility contact information:

75-170 Hualalai Rd.
Suite C-311A
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
(866) 390-5070

4. Hina Mauka, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Hina Mauka is a CARF-accredited Hawaii drug rehab center. This treatment facility offers outpatient services, detox programs, partial hospitalization programs, and inpatient drug rehab programs for substance abuse treatment.

Within their rehab programs, patients can access the following addiction services:

  • medication-assisted treatment
  • psychiatric and medical services
  • co-occurring disorder program
  • case management program
  • offender program
  • incarcerated women program
  • aftercare and alumni programs
  • teen programs
  • family programs

Facility contact information:

45-845 Pookela St.
Kaneohe, HI
(808) 236-2600

5. Salvation Army Addiction-Treatment Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Salvation Army Addiction-Treatment Services are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

These are the types of treatment that have available:

  • standard and intensive outpatient care
  • partial hospitalization
  • residential detoxification services
  • short-term and long-term residential programs

While undergoing treatment, patients with a substance use disorder can receive these services:

  • assessments
  • medications
  • counseling
  • addiction and health education
  • case management services
  • referrals to social services
  • gender-specific programs
  • cognitive restructuring
  • vocational counseling

Facility contact information:

3624 Waokanaka St.
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 595-6371

Hawaii Substance Abuse Statistics And Addiction Rates

As with many other areas in the United States, Hawaii faces major opioid abuse issues. One out of every five young adults in Hawaii dies because of opioids.

Other substance abuse and addiction treatment facts for the state of Hawaii include:

  • At least 31.7 percent of all high school students in Hawaii are offered or sold some type of illegal drugs while they are on school grounds.
  • About 27 percent of all emergency room department visits for children in Hawaii who are 12 to 17 years old are caused by a mixture of prescription drugs and energy drinks.
  • Rohypnol use has increased by 0.01 percent among youth in Hawaii who are 13 to 17 years old.
  • Hawaii residents who are 50 to 59 years old have the highest opioid overdose death rate in the state.

Choosing The Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Program In Hawaii

With so many treatment options available in Hawaii, it can be hard to decide which facility is the right choice for an addicted person’s care.

One way to make the process easier is to look for these important attributes:

  • accreditation from outside agencies that monitor the rehab facility and all of its programs and services
  • treatment programs that are approved by the addicted person’s health insurance company
  • addiction-specific treatments that are based on science
  • services that ensure recovery success and relapse prevention once a person leaves the facility
  • educated and experienced counselors and medical staff

Common Hawaii Drug And Alcohol Treatment Programs And Services

The rehab programs and treatment services available at Hawaii rehab centers may differ greatly from one rehab center to the next. However, it’s important when looking for a recovery program to identify the types of care that may be right for you or your addicted loved one.

These are some of the programs and services that can be found in Hawaii drug and alcohol treatment centers:

  • experiential therapies that involve sailing and hiking in the wilderness
  • art and music therapy as a form of alternative or holistic treatment
  • brain re-training therapies to help with relapse prevention and long-term recovery
  • behavior modification programs
  • residential programs with detox services for withdrawal symptoms
  • outpatient care and continuing care to foster addiction recovery success

Find A Hawaii Detox And Rehab Center

Finding inpatient treatment facilities in Hawaii or other states may seem difficult if you are concerned for your or your loved one’s safety due to drug or alcohol abuse. That’s why we are here to offer a helping hand.

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