Top 5 Idaho Detox And Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Updated on August 27, 2020

Idaho residents struggle with a variety of addiction issues. Luckily, drug and alcohol treatment options are accessible through a number of detox and rehab centers throughout the state.

Though Idaho is known for its fields of potatoes and abundance of semi-precious gemstones, many Idaho residents struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, especially heroin abuse.

To help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms that can occur when a person tries to stop using heroin or other addictive drugs, inpatient treatment may be necessary. The most effective rehab centers will offer inpatient rehab programs with detox program options.

Listed in alphabetical order below are five of the best addiction treatment facilities in Idaho:

1. Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Boise, Idaho

The Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and the Joint Commission.

Their facility provides these types of treatment for military veterans:

  • inpatient treatment
  • outpatient services
  • inpatient detoxification services
  • outpatient detox programs
  • residential detox programs
  • short-term residential treatment

These rehab services are also available at the medical center for soldiers who need them:

  • medication-assisted treatment
  • chronic pain management
  • medical foster home program
  • mental health services
  • primary care services
  • counseling and community services

Learn more about Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Facility contact information:

500 West Fort St.
Building 114
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 422-1145

2. Intermountain Hospital Of Boise, Boise, Idaho

The Intermountain Hospital of Boise is accredited by the Joint Commission. The types of treatment that they currently offer include inpatient treatment, detoxification services, and partial hospitalization programs.

Some of their most beneficial treatment programs and services include:

  • 24-hour acute psychiatric services
  • seniors addiction program
  • adolescents program
  • clean and sober teens program
  • assessments and referrals

Learn more about Intermountain Hospital Of Boise.

Facility contact information:

303 North Allumbaugh St.
Boise, ID 83704
(208) 377-8400

3. Northpointe Recovery, Boise, Idaho

Northpointe Recovery is an Idaho rehab center that is accredited by the Joint Commission. Treatment options here include inpatient drug rehab programs and medical detox programs.

Patients who are admitted to this rehab center have access to the following therapies and treatments:

  • adolescents program
  • telehealth services
  • dual-diagnosis treatment
  • medical intervention services
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • psychiatric care
  • relapse prevention counseling

Facility contact information:

10787 West Ustick Rd.
Boise, ID 83713
(208) 672-1801

4. Port Of Hope Center, Nampa, Idaho

The Port of Hope Center is a certified non-profit drug rehab center that is licensed in Idaho to offer these types of treatment:

  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • short-term and long-term residential treatment
  • residential detox services

This rehab facility stands out because it offers important programs and services, such as:

  • social detoxification program
  • DUI evaluations
  • DUI education
  • DUI classes
  • individual and group counseling

Learn more about Port Of Hope Center.

Facility contact information:

508 East Florida Ave.
Nampa, ID 83686
(208) 463-0118

5. Rainbows End Recovery Center, Challis, Idaho

The Rainbows End Recovery Center is accredited by the Joint Commission. This Idaho rehab center offers outpatient treatment programs, residential drug rehab programs, and detoxification services.

Rehab programs vary by individual need, but may include:

  • medication-assisted treatment
  • individual and group counseling sessions
  • family education sessions
  • arts and crafts
  • aftercare services
  • mental health support
  • meditation
  • hiking and nature activities

Learn more about Rainbows End Recovery Center.

Facility contact information:

25341 Hwy. 93
Challis, ID 83226
(208) 879-2267

Idaho Substance Abuse Statistics And Addiction Rates

While Idaho experiences fairly low overdose death rates caused by opioids, the state still sees high opioid abuse rates. For every 100 prescriptions that Idaho doctors write, 61.9 of them are for opiate-based pain medications.

In 2018, there were 250 drug overdose deaths in this state. About half of them were caused by opiates.

Other facts which show the scope of drug and alcohol addiction and treatment rates in the state of Idaho include:

  • Idaho currently has no needle exchange programs.
  • There are only 25 facilities in Idaho that offer medication-assisted treatment.
  • There are 11,200 people in Idaho who have Hepatitis C that was caused by intravenous drug use.
  • About half of all of the treatment admissions in Idaho include an addiction to marijuana.

Important Features To Look For In A Treatment Facility

To ensure that a person with a substance use disorder is going to get the best care possible, it is important to check facilities for certain characteristics.

Some of these include:

  • affordable payment plans
  • amenities which help them recover in comfort
  • the seal of approval from accrediting organizations like the Joint Commission or CARF
  • holistic and evidence-based therapies that treat each person as a whole

Common Idaho Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs And Services

Not all rehab programs in Idaho will offer the same recovery programs and services. However, knowing which services you may need or which level of care is right for you or your loved one is important to helping you find the right rehab center.

Addicted individuals who go to an Idaho treatment facility will usually be able to find these common programs and services:

  • medication-assisted treatment for opioid or alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • short-term residential programs that offer detox services
  • 24-hour acute inpatient programs for psychiatric stabilization
  • family counseling and education programs

Find An Idaho Detox And Rehab Center

Entering addiction treatment is an important first step in recovery and exciting time. If this is your first time looking for drug and alcohol treatment, you may feel a little intimidated by the process. We can help.

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