Top 5 Texas Detox And Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Published on July 14, 2020

The lengthy border that Texas shares with Mexico has made the state a prime target for illicit drug trades, leading to addiction and other substance abuse issues. Texas is home to a number of excellent rehab centers, where addicted individuals can find treatment and begin recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

According to an epidemiology report on substance abuse issues in Texas, more people seek treatment for alcohol in the state than any other substance. The other substances of abuse common in this region include cocaine, marijuana, and opiates.

Heroin has become one of the most dangerous substances in Texas, because it is frequently laced with fentanyl and carfentanil, which can both quickly induce a drug overdose.

Alcohol, heroin, and other drugs of abuse can cause withdrawal symptoms when a person does not have access to the drug. In some instances, withdrawal can be dangerous to a person’s health.

Because of this, it is very important that anyone who is ready to begin the detoxification process get the help they need from a quality Texas rehab center, such as the following.

1. Alpha Home, San Antonio, Texas

The Alpha Home is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). They provide outpatient treatment, medical detox, and long-term residential treatment for those struggling with substance abuse.

Some of the alcohol and drug treatment programs and services they offer include:

  • individual and group counseling
  • co-occurring disorder treatment
  • case management services
  • parenting classes
  • living skills classes
  • family education classes
  • domestic violence education
  • trauma counseling
  • 12-step group support meetings
  • alumni programs

Learn more about Alpha Home.

Facility contact information:

300 East Mulberry Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 735-3822

2. La Hacienda, College Station, Texas

La Hacienda is accredited by the Joint Commission. This treatment facility provides standard and intensive outpatient rehab in their drug and alcohol treatment facility.

A few of the drug rehab programs and services they have are:

  • medical detox services in an inpatient drug rehab
  • co-occurring disorder treatment
  • therapeutic activities
  • experiential therapy
  • collegiate program for young adults
  • family support groups
  • Christian-based support groups and treatment programs
  • alumni programs
  • relapse programs

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Facility contact information:

702 University Drive East
Suite 100-D
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 846-9500

3. Positive Recovery Center, Conroe, Texas

The Positive Recovery Center is accredited by the Council on Accreditation and the Joint Commission. This Texas drug rehab center provides intensive and standard outpatient care, partial hospitalization programs, residential treatment, and detox services.

A few of the addiction treatment services that patients can receive here include:

  • remote outpatient treatment services
  • aftercare
  • family workshops
  • sober living environments

Facility contact information:

5452 Hwy. 105
Suite 201
Conroe, TX 77304
(936) 828-3908

4. San Antonio Treatment Center, San Antonio, Texas

The San Antonio Treatment Center is a CARF-accredited Texas rehab center. Their addiction treatment programs include outpatient rehab and detoxification assistance for those who are experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the drug rehab programs and services that they offer include medication-assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, and family therapy.

Facility contact information:

3701 West Commerce St.
San Antonio, TX 78207
(210) 434-0531

5. STEP Med, Dallas, Texas

STEP Med a Texas detox and rehab facility that is accredited by the Council on Accreditation. They offer outpatient treatment and detox programs for people who have addictions to opiates.

Some of the therapies that this treatment center uses in the treatment process include:

  • medication-assisted treatment
  • anger management
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavioral therapy
  • motivational interviewing

Learn more about STEP Med.

Facility contact information:

2929 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Suite 4
Dallas, TX 75215
(214) 421-9100

Texas Substance Abuse And Addiction Rates

Roughly 70 percent of all of the illicit drugs in the United States are brought in from Mexico across the Texas border. In fact, border patrol agents seized 1.3 million pounds of various types of drugs in 2016.

Drug overdose deaths in Texas have tripled since the opioid crisis began. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 6,500 people in Texas die from alcohol abuse each year.

Choosing A Rehab Program In Texas

When searching for a residential drug rehab program in Texas, it is important to look for these qualities:

  • payment options that are affordable and flexible
  • treatment plans that are approved by insurance companies
  • accreditations by the Joint Commission, Council on Accreditation, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and other agencies that ensure that the facility offers excellent care
  • licenses by state agencies
  • therapies that are backed by research
  • a wide range of programs and services

Texas Drug And Alcohol Detox

Addicted individuals in Texas who struggle with a substance use disorder should consider their options when choosing treatment.

Some of the most common and effective types of rehab programs available in the state of Texas include:

  • inpatient treatment — onsite treatment offering intensive therapy, counseling, case management, and more
  • medication-assisted treatment — programs that combine medications like Suboxone or methadone with therapy and counseling for a well-rounded treatment approach
  • aftercare programs — a continuum of care helps ensure recovering individuals stay on track with sobriety
  • flexible outpatient care — newly recovering individuals should be able to access care that fits into their personal lives
  • medical detox — often the first step of addiction treatment, a successful detox lends to treatment success

Find A Texas Detox And Rehab Center

Because Texas is such a large state, it has an overwhelming amount of treatment facilities with detox programs available for those who need them. So many potential options can make it hard to figure out which one is right for a person’s current health needs.

Contact or check out the list of facilities below for more information about detox programs near you.

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