Top 5 Missouri Detox And Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Updated on January 13, 2023

People with drug or alcohol addiction in Missouri can find treatment programs throughout the state. Treatment options may include detoxification, dual diagnosis care, and more.

It is essential for anyone who is living with an addiction to get inpatient treatment that includes medically monitored detox.

Alcohol and drug detox programs may offer around-the-clock medical care, therapy, counseling, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), detox, and more.

List Of Missouri Detox Centers

Below is a list of detox and drug rehab centers in Missouri.

These facilities were selected based on accreditation, Google reviews, and more.

1. Compass Health, Rolla, Missouri

Compass Health, Rolla, Missouri

Compass Health is a Missouri rehab center that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Drug rehab programs and treatment services that are available here include:

  • intervention services
  • MAT
  • substance awareness traffic offender program
  • co-occurring mental health services
  • individual and family counseling
  • codependency counseling
  • transitional housing

Location and contact information:

1450 E. 10th St.
Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 364-7551

Learn more about Compass Health.

2. Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital, Columbia, Missouri

Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital, Columbia, Missouri

This facility is accredited by the Joint Commission. Treatment options here include inpatient drug rehab, short-term and long-term residential programs, and more.

Addiction treatment services that are available at this facility include:

  • individual and group counseling
  • mental health treatment services
  • acupuncture
  • case management services
  • housing assistance
  • domestic violence services
  • educational support

Location and contact information:

800 Hospital Dr.
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 814-6000

Learn more about Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital.

3. Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Sullivan, Missouri

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Sullivan, Missouri

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission and the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Some of the rehab services that patients can receive here are:

  • home care
  • primary care
  • medical testing
  • medically assisted withdrawal support
  • discharge planning
  • referrals for outpatient care

Location and contact information:

751 Sappington Bridge Rd.
Sullivan, MO 63080
(573) 468-1063

Learn more about Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital.

4. Preferred Family Healthcare, Jefferson City, Missouri

Preferred Family Healthcare, Jefferson City, Missouri

Preferred Family Healthcare is a CARF-accredited Missouri drug rehab center.

They provide outpatient rehab, partial hospitalization, detox programs, and short-term and long-term residential treatment.

Patients can receive these other services, too:

  • prevention services
  • substance awareness traffic offenders program
  • achieving recovery through creativity programs
  • virtual services

Location and contact information:

101 Adams St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 556-6589

Learn more about Preferred Family Healthcare.

5. Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health, Salem, Missouri

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health, Salem, Missouri

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health is accredited by CARF. They provide short-term residential treatment and detoxification services for those who have a substance use disorder.

Here, clients can find drug rehab programs and services such as:

  • community-based outpatient counseling
  • crisis stabilization program
  • community support services
  • vocational and employment services
  • telehealth therapy
  • substance awareness traffic offenders program
  • employee assistance program
  • MAT

Location and contact information:

203 N. Grand St.
Salem, Missouri 65560
(573) 729-4103

Missouri Substance Abuse And Addiction Rates

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, opioid overdoses are responsible for the deaths of one out of every 56 people.

Other substance abuse and addiction treatment facts relevant to Missouri include:

  • Only 8.5 percent of the people who successfully complete drug treatment with medical detox in Missouri return to prison within a year of being released. About 30.2 percent of the people who don’t get the treatment they need end up being sent back to prison.
  • There were 1,411 opioid overdose deaths in 2020, which accounted for 73.7 percent of all drug overdose deaths in the state of Missouri.
  • MAT helps Missouri residents stay in treatment about 25 days longer than they do if they don’t receive it.
  • About eight percent of clients in Missouri hospitals transfer from medical detox to an addiction treatment program.

Choosing A Rehab Facility Or Detox Program In Missouri

Before ever stepping foot in a detox or rehab facility for addiction treatment, it is best to verify that they have certain key attributes which lend to better treatment outcomes.

These may include:

  • highly trained medical staff that can treat a variety of mental and physical health issues
  • licensing from state and local agencies
  • accreditations from the Joint Commission or other independent accrediting agencies
  • clean, comfortable rooms
  • affordable pricing or viable payment options
  • treatment programs that are approved by most insurance companies

Missouri Addiction Treatment Programs After Detox

While detox and rehab centers in Missouri offer a variety of programs, It’s best to learn which types of treatment are available to get an idea of the level of care that you need.

Common treatment options available at addiction treatment centers in Missouri include:

  • inpatient rehab programs or outpatient treatment that closely monitors each patient’s health
  • cognitive behavioral therapy to correct unhealthy behavior patterns that contribute to addiction issues
  • MAT to reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • detox programs to help those with addictions to substances like alcohol or opioids taper off use
  • support groups for people with alcohol addiction
  • dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • group therapy
  • individualized treatment plans for adolescents
  • intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • outpatient services for chemical dependency
  • aftercare services

FAQs For Addiction Recovery Centers In Missouri

The commonly asked questions below may help you or your loved ones find a substance abuse treatment facility in Missouri that works for you.

Most rehab centers offer numerous payment options including payment plans and sliding fee scales based on your income, family size, and other factors.

There are also several free rehab centers in Missouri that are funded through government grants or donations from private entities.

Yes, there are drug and alcohol rehab centers in Missouri that accept private insurance as well as state-funded programs such as Medicare and Missouri Medicaid for addiction treatment.

Not all addiction recovery centers can accommodate pets, but some do. There are pet-friendly rehabilitation centers throughout the United States.

Find A Missouri Detox And Rehab Center

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