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Here at DetoxRehabs.net, our overall goal is to provide trusted resources, relevant information, and referral services for addicted individuals and their families.

About Us

DetoxRehabs.net is a resource that aims to help addicted individuals and their loved ones by providing current, accurate, and useful content related to addiction, substance abuse treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment.

To that end, our directory hosts informational pages about a number of treatment facilities and rehabilitation programs and services.

DetoxRehabs.net is owned by Addiction Media Group, and our marketing team has more than 15 years of combined experience in creating content for substance abuse treatment resources.

Services We Provide

DetoxRehabs.net strives to be a helpful resource in the addiction treatment community in a number of ways.

Some of our efforts to provide relevant content to those who need drug or alcohol abuse treatment information include:

  • Only providing information that is current, accurate, and backed by research.
  • Helping addicted individuals or their loved ones find treatment facilities and/or rehab programs that meet their specific needs.
  • Performing drug and alcohol screens to determine whether treatment may be necessary.
  • Verifying insurance coverage for drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Helping individuals find solutions to common treatment barriers, such as travel arrangements, dependent care, and more.
  • Finding further resources to help addicted individuals when our services do not meet their immediate needs.

The Content We Provide

Our content topics are selected using actual search queries from people who are looking for addiction treatment, mental health treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, or other behavioral healthcare needs.

Informational content is backed by credible sources, vetted for accuracy, and updated on a regular basis. Treatment facility informational pages are reviewed often to ensure the facility remains open, upholds high treatment standards, and that the facility has key components important to an effective treatment program.

Learn more about our content quality standards by reading about our editorial guidelines.

Our Mission

The primary goal at DetoxRehabs.net is to connect those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction with resources, treatment options, and a community of support in order to help more people find the recovery they deserve.

By providing relevant information related to addiction and referral services for addiction treatment, we aim to become a primary source for all your substance abuse treatment needs.



Canton, Massachusetts

Bedrock Recovery Center


Levels of Care:

Payment Options: Insurance Accepted, Self Pay

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Plymouth, Massachusetts

Ohio Recovery Center


Levels of Care:

Payment Options: Insurance Accepted, Self Pay

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Spring Hill Recovery Center

Ashby, Massachusetts


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