Top 5 Louisiana Detox And Inpatient Rehab Centers

Updated on August 21, 2020

Substance abuse occurs in high rates in Louisiana, especially opioid abuse. Yet treatment centers can help Louisiana residents achieve sobriety, make meaningful life changes, and work toward recovery. A number of Louisiana detox and inpatient treatment centers offer a range of rehab programs to help addicted individuals.

As with many areas in the United States, the rates of addiction to alcohol and drugs, including opioids, is distressingly high in Louisiana. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the state’s epidemic of drug abuse even worse.

Fear and despair have caused would-be patients to relapse and some patients who would seek help mistakenly believe that Louisiana’s outpatient and inpatient drug rehab facilities have shut down. The good news is that many facilities remain open and are eager to treat people struggling to overcome their addictions.

With this knowledge, it’s important for you or your loved one to not seek help for a substance use disorder as soon as possible. Addiction can be destructive to every area of your life.

One service offered at many residential drug rehab centers is medical detox. Medical detox purges the drug of abuse from a patient’s system and provides medications to take the edge off cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This lets the patient participate in and benefit from other types of treatment, such as group therapy.

Following are the top five Louisiana residential treatment facilities in alphabetical order:

1. Addiction Recovery Resources Inc., Metairie, Louisiana

This inpatient treatment center for young adults and adults offers detox for a variety of drugs of abuse, including alcohol, opioids, methamphetamines, and cocaine.

As well as inpatient programs, they operate outpatient services and short-term and long-term drug rehab. Patients are further helped through addiction therapies such as motivational interviewing. They have language services for hearing-impaired patients.

Facility contact information:

4933 Wabash S.
Metairie, LA 70001
(504) 780-2766

2. Capital Area Recovery Program, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Capital Area Recovery Program operates inpatient detoxification, including cocaine and methamphetamine detox, for men.

Their addiction therapies include the Matrix Model for patients struggling with addiction to stimulants, trauma therapy, and anger management. They also support the 12-step approach and screen for drugs and alcohol.

Learn more about Capital Area Recovery Program.

Facility contact information:

2455 Woodale Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
(225) 922-3169

3. Grace House, New Orleans, Louisiana

Grace House is a residential Louisiana drug rehab center that helps adult and young adult women heal from their addictions through a variety of addiction therapies.

These include motivational interviewing, family counseling, and the 12-step philosophy. They run an aftercare program and offer help in obtaining employment, social services, and housing.

Learn more about Grace House.

Facility contact information:

1401 Delachaise St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 899-2423

4. Shreveport Drug Treatment, Shreveport, Louisiana

This inpatient treatment facility helps patients through group therapy and relapse prevention. They also offer hospital inpatient treatment, outpatient services, and short-term and long-term drug rehab. They accept adults and young adults, provide aftercare, and have specialized rehab programs for veterans.

Facility contact information:

1419 E 70th St.
Shreveport, LA 71105
(318) 202-8635

5. Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center, Abbeville, Louisiana

This inpatient drug rehab center offers detoxification programs for:

  • alcohol
  • benzodiazepines
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamines
  • opioids

They have computerized treatment and therapies that include cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy, anger management, rational emotive behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention. They practice community outreach and support the 12-step approach.

Facility contact information:

1314 North Lafitte
Abbeville, LA 70510
(337) 893-5588

Louisiana Substance Abuse And Addiction Rates

Much of the state of Louisiana’s drug abuse issues stem from opioid abuse. In 2018, there were 444 opioid-related overdose deaths in Louisiana. There are no records for overdose deaths from specific opioids, though opioid-related deaths were 40 percent of drug overdose deaths overall.

Here’s a list of the major drugs of abuse in Louisiana:

  • heroin
  • amphetamines
  • marijuana
  • cocaine
  • prescription drugs
  • methamphetamines
  • opioids

As for treatment, many people are taking part in addiction treatment programs in Louisiana, though not all who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse get the help they need. In 2015,10,515 adults and adolescents were admitted into Louisiana drug rehab and detox programs.

Choosing A Louisiana Drug Rehab Or Detox Program

When you choose a Louisiana residential rehab facility, you are choosing a health care provider that will help shape the course of your recovery.

Just a few important criteria to consider include:

  • accreditation: an accredited residential treatment facility adheres to high standards of care.
  • specialized treatment tracks: Many inpatient rehab centers have programs for patients with special needs apart from their addiction. They may be veterans, pregnant women, or members of the LGBT community.
  • payment options: Most of Louisiana’s residential drug rehab centers accept insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare and private health insurance. Others also accept private pay and other sources of funding and offer payment assistance to some patients.

Louisiana Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

Drug rehab programs in Louisiana vary by treatment center. Which rehab program you take part in can depend on your drug of abuse, severity of addiction, and other factors.

Some Louisiana alcohol and drug treatment centers employ these programs to help their patients:

  • detox programs: Detoxification allows patients to purge harmful substances from their bodies so they can heal in treatment. The patient is under supervision as they detox and is given medications to blunt withdrawal symptoms and allow them to participate in other types of treatment.
  • inpatient treatment: Residential treatment centers offer this type of care to help patients with severe addictions become sober, undergo helpful therapies and counseling, and more.
  • outpatient treatment: After a time as a resident, some patients “graduate down” into outpatient treatment. This means they live at home or in transitional housing and visit the rehab center for a few hours a week.

Find A Louisiana Drug Rehab And Detox Center

Inpatient rehab centers are healthcare facilities, and most have stayed open even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drug and alcohol treatment is available for you or your loved one. For more information on addiction treatment programs, view the list of facilities below or contact one of our treatment specialists at

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