Top 5 Free Rehab Centers In The U.S.

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There are dozens of free rehab centers across the United States, and five have been selected for this list based on important selection criteria. Free rehab centers usually provide inpatient and outpatient rehab, as well as other basic addiction treatment services.

Free Rehab Centers In The U.S.

Rehab can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to $10,000 for outpatient treatment, and between $15,000 and $60,000 for many inpatient rehab programs.

For a lot of people, this high expense can be a major barrier to getting treatment. Though a person’s health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance, it can be hard to finance treatment.

Luckily, there are free and low-cost treatment options available for those who want to get treatment but can’t afford to front the cost out-of-pocket.

Is Free Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Available In The U.S.?

There are free rehab centers in the U.S. that provide services for the homeless, those in poverty, low-income individuals, and others who need addiction assistance.

Low-cost options are also available for substance abuse treatment.

There are a few key groups that often provide free and low-cost addiction recovery programs:

  • religious organizations and faith-based treatment centers
  • government-funded programs
  • rehabs with a sliding fee scale
  • nonprofits that offer free drug abuse treatment

How Can I Get Free Substance Abuse Treatment In The U.S.?

To get free treatment for drug addiction in the U.S., a recovering individual can try a few different options.

First, they can locate a free rehab center that offers services at no cost. Or, they might enroll in Medicaid to attain free healthcare.

There are also government assistance programs if the first two options are not possible.

Apply For Medicaid

With Medicaid, low-income individuals can receive addiction treatment at no cost.

The government program provides healthcare for:

  • low-income people
  • families and children
  • pregnant women
  • adults over the age of 65
  • people with disabilities

Medicaid covers services like:

  • inpatient rehab
  • outpatient treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • medical detoxification
  • counseling

Additionally, those who have Medicaid and Medicare can use both government assistance programs to cover the cost of treatment.

Medicaid usually provides full coverage, which makes for free services. In some cases, there may be copays, but these fees are capped at a certain amount.

Government Funding For Addiction Recovery

There are many grants available nationwide for those who want to get help for themselves or a loved one. Use the following list of government-funded grants to find one that’s right for you.

The Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG)

This is available in all 50 states to allow states and jurisdictions to provide substance abuse prevention services, treatment, and recovery support services.

SABG is focused on the following groups:

  • those who inject drugs
  • pregnant women
  • women with dependent children

To qualify for SABG, you must need assistance or guidance in substance abuse treatment services for alcoholism or drug addiction.


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers new grants each year to help addicted individuals in need of treatment.

SAMHSA issued a few emergency grants to treat mental and substance use disorders during COVID-19, however, these applications are now closed.

The Tribal Behavioral Health Grant Program provides help for federally recognized:

  • American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) tribes
  • tribal organizations
  • Urban Indian Organizations
  • consortia of tribes or tribal organizations

This program aims to prevent and reduce suicide and substance use among AI/AN youth up to 24 years of age.

Other grants are available on SAMHSA’s site that offer funding for other treatment services.

Where Can I Find Free Alcohol And Drug Treatment In The U.S.?

Free treatment can be found in most states across the U.S.

Below you can find a list of free rehab centers that offer services at no cost or accept Medicaid for free treatment.

1. Addiction Care Interventions (ACI), New York

Inpatient treatment is available in Brooklyn, and outpatient services are available in New York City, New York. Free services are available through Medicaid coverage.

ACI has a number of top qualities, such as:

  • certification from the Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) as a DWI evaluator
  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • evidence-based programming

Here, a person can participate in:

  • outpatient rehab
  • outpatient detox
  • inpatient rehab

Location and contact information:

589 Rockaway Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11212
(800) 724-4444

2. CleanSlate, Multiple Locations

CleanSlate is an outpatient addiction rehab facility with locations in Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Free treatment is available here with Medicaid and Medicare. CleanSlate offers MAT for opioid and alcohol addictions.

Trusted features of CleanSlate include:

  • positive client testimonials
  • high Google ratings

Location and contact information:

8220 Meadowbridge Rd.
MOB1, Suite 310
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
(804) 417-0120

3. Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD), San Diego, California

This is a free health clinic that offers multiple substance abuse treatment services. They’re supported by donors to provide affordable healthcare.

FHCSD has an emphasis on uninsured, low-income, and medically underserved people.

Family Health Centers of San Diego is supported by:

  • ​​​​Joint Commission accreditation
  • recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • recognition in 2020 as California’s nonprofit of the year

A few of the services they provide include:

  • HIV and hepatitis testing and treatment
  • individual counseling
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • outpatient treatment
  • syringe services program (SSP)
  • recovery residences
  • support groups

Location and contact information:

823 Gateway Center Way
San Diego, CA 92102
(619) 906-4686

4. The Salvation Army, Multiple Locations

The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that provides many services for those in need. Their drug and alcohol treatment programs are available at no cost to those receiving treatment.

Rehabilitation facilities are available in several locations across the U.S.

These recovery centers are backed by:

  • accreditation from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)
  • recognition as an accredited charity from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • evidence-based practices

Addiction treatment programs include:

  • residential treatment
  • intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • employment services
  • youth services for teens aged 13-17

Location and contact information:

5554 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 630-5611

5. Step Denver, Denver, Colorado

Step is a residential recovery program for men that focuses on life skills, obtaining employment, and sustained sobriety.

There is no cost to enter the program, but there are minimal program fees that apply once a person is employed.

Their program is supported by client testimonials and positive Google ratings.

This program operates on four pillars:

  • sobriety
  • work
  • accountability
  • community (sober living)

Location and contact information:

2029 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 295-7837

Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers By State

Find free drug rehab centers in your state:

Free Rehab Vs. Private Rehab

Knowing the difference between free rehab centers and private rehab centers is important. These types of addiction treatment programs usually offer different services and levels of care.

Free Rehab Centers

The benefit of choosing a free addiction treatment center is that you’ll be able to get treatment for drug or alcohol abuse at no cost.

These programs usually provide drug treatment, but the range of care is limited.

With a free rehab center, you may not have as many choices in programming or therapies as you would with a private center.

All services must also be FDA-approved and thus may not include holistic (“whole person” approach) therapies like yoga, meditation, outdoor therapies, exercise, or other methods.

Free rehab centers also tend to have very long waitlists of weeks or months.

The benefit of these programs is that once a person is in treatment, it’s free. But they’ll have to wait longer to receive the care that they need.

Private Rehab Centers

Private rehab centers are more costly, but they usually have a wider range of treatment options available.

At a private drug rehabilitation program, recovering individuals can have a more individualized recovery plan because there are more resources and options available to them.

These rehab facilities also tend to use other holistic treatment methods that won’t be available at a free rehab center.

Waitlists are usually much shorter for private drug rehab centers.

Private rehabilitation centers will have a fuller staff, more beds, a larger supply of medications, and other necessary resources to allow for a larger capacity.

Criteria For Free Rehab In The U.S.

You may need to meet certain criteria to receive free drug and alcohol treatment services.

Many rehab centers will require some of the following:

  • participants must fall within a certain age bracket
  • identification such as a birth certificate, social security card, or ID
  • participants must agree to all of the programs required for the drug rehab
  • attend a phone or video interview

What Other Financing Options Are Available For Alcohol And Drug Rehab?

Free treatment may be difficult to come by given the high demand. And in some states, there are very few free rehab centers available.

If you’re unable to find a free addiction rehab program, there are other options available.

Try one of the following financing options for substance abuse treatment programs:

  • use Medicaid or Medicare to cover treatment
  • use private insurance
  • find treatment centers that have a sliding fee scale
  • get a bank loan
  • find treatment programs that offer scholarships

FAQs For Free Rehab Centers In The U.S.

Find answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about free drug and alcohol rehab centers in the U.S.

How Long Can I Stay In Treatment At A Free Rehab Center?

The length of treatment depends on the program. Some free programs, such as medical detox, will only allow for a few days of treatment.

Other programs, such as residential rehab or supportive housing, may extend for weeks or months.

What Free Options Do I Have Outside Of Rehab?

If you’d like to pursue recovery outside of a rehab center, a good place to start is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

These groups are completely free and focus on the community aspect of addiction recovery.

Do Free Rehab Centers Accept Private Health Insurance?

Free rehab centers usually accept private health insurance, but not all. There may be a limited number of private health insurance companies accepted at a free rehab center.

Do Free Rehab Centers Accept Medicaid?

Most free rehab centers accept Medicaid and Medicare. Some programs are fully covered by donations and government funding and therefore don’t accept Medicaid because it’s not needed.

Are Any Private Rehab Centers Free?

Some private rehab centers accept Medicaid or Medicare to cover the cost of treatment. However, there are no private rehab centers that are free of charge.

Learn More About Free Rehab In The U.S.

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol or drugs, addiction treatment might be the right option.

Addiction treatment can be pricey, but don’t let this stop you from seeking help. There are several options available to those who need financial assistance.

To learn more about free rehab and low-cost options, reach out to our helpline. One of our representatives can connect you to a rehab program that’s right for you or your loved one.

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