3 Best Christian Rehab Centers In Louisiana

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Many Christians experience substance use disorders. Christian addiction treatment programs in Louisiana provide a mix of faith-based and evidence-based approaches to help people who want to include their faith in their recovery journey.

Best Christian Rehab Centers In Louisiana

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), thousands of people receive addiction treatment in Louisiana every year.

Louisiana also has a large Christian population. In fact, Shreveport, LA, has been called one of the most religious cities in the United States, with many of its residents practicing the Christian faith.

Several Christian rehab programs in Louisiana are available for people who want to incorporate their faith into their healing process.

List Of Christian Drug And Alcohol Recovery Centers In Louisiana

Below are three Christian addiction treatment centers in Louisiana.

These facilities were selected based on marks of quality, including high ratings from clients, positive testimonials, and prominent partnerships.

1. Broken Wings, Bastrop, Louisiana

Broken Wings, Bastrop, Louisiana Christian Rehab Centers

Broken Wings is a Christian faith-based addiction treatment center in Bastrop, LA, located about a three-hour drive north from Lafayette or Baton Rouge.

This treatment facility integrates Christian spiritual care and the 12 steps into its programs.

Treatment choices at Broken Wings include:

  • residential treatment
  • outpatient treatment
  • family therapy
  • medical detoxification (detox)
  • dual diagnosis care for additional mental health disorders

Broken Wings has received many positive reviews from clients.

Location and contact information:

2869 New Monroe Rd.
Bastrop, LA 71220
(318) 358-0500

2. New Day Recovery, West Monroe, Louisiana

New Day Recovery, West Monroe, Louisiana Christian Rehab Centers

New Day Recovery offers multiple levels of care and treatment services for people with a drug or alcohol addiction.

Treatment services at this addiction recovery center include:

  • Christian counseling
  • assessment
  • medical detox
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • inpatient programs
  • intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • family therapy
  • support groups
  • aftercare
  • anger management

New Day Recovery is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Location and contact information:

1416 Natchitoches St.
West Monroe, LA 71291
(318) 855-8773

3. The Recovery Center Of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Recovery Center of Baton Rouge uses Christian counseling and a 12-step approach to treat substance use disorders.

Treatment plans include:

  • IOP
  • individual and group therapy
  • programs for professionals and college students
  • relapse prevention programs
  • family therapy
  • co-occurring disorder treatment
  • family therapy
  • codependency treatment
  • trauma counseling
  • aftercare

The Recovery Center has received many favorable testimonials from people who have graduated from the program.

Location and contact information:

673 E. Airport Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 927-7475

How To Choose A Christian Rehab Program In Louisiana

When choosing a Christian substance abuse program, you might want to keep the following factors in mind.

Health Insurance For Drug And Alcohol Rehab Services

The cost of drug and alcohol treatment presents a significant barrier for many people who want to begin recovery.

However, if you have health insurance, your insurance provider may fully or partially cover your care costs.

Many Christian drug addiction recovery programs list accepted insurance providers on their websites.

These may include private insurance, public programs such as Medicare or Medicaid for addiction treatment, or both.

If you cannot find this information on a rehab center’s website, you can contact them directly.

Christian-Based Services

Each Christian drug treatment center is unique. As you learn about faith-based addiction programs in Louisiana, ask yourself what Christian services matter most to you.

Some examples of Christian services include:

  • Christian counseling
  • Bible studies
  • praise and worship sessions
  • use of the 12 steps from a Christian perspective
  • support through prayer

For some Christians entering addiction treatment, the specific services don’t matter as long as the treatment center has an overall Christian worldview.

For others, specific activities do make a difference. If you prefer specific Christian activities, look for rehab centers that provide these options.

Demographic-Specific Treatment Options

Some addiction rehab programs, including Christian rehab programs in Louisiana, tailor treatment choices based on age and gender.

For example, while you may find many co-ed Christian treatment programs, you may also find centers that treat only women or men.

Likewise, some treatment centers only offer care for adults, others only offer care for adolescents, and some offer care for both.

Consider whether a peer-specific group may help you on your recovery journey. If this kind of care is important to you, look for programs that offer these services.

What Treatment Services Are Available At Christian Drug Rehab Centers In Louisiana?

Christian addiction treatment facilities provide multiple types of care.

Some treatment options include:

  • on-site detox centers
  • inpatient treatment (also known as residential treatment)
  • outpatient treatment
  • group counseling
  • individual counseling
  • various therapy modalities, such as cognitive
  • behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • dual diagnosis care
  • MAT
  • aftercare

Some treatment centers will focus on one or a few types of care, while others will provide a wider range of services.

FAQs About Substance Abuse Treatment For Christians In Louisiana

When you’re ready to find treatment for addiction, you may have questions about your options.

Here you’ll discover some frequently asked questions about Christian drug abuse treatment in Louisiana.

Some Christian substance abuse programs in Louisiana do offer Suboxone, a medication that has proved to be effective in treating opioid addiction, including heroin addiction.

Suboxone is a long-acting opioid antagonist that doctors prescribe in place of short-acting opioids, which are more addictive substances.

Suboxone and other medications used to treat substance use disorders, such as methadone, can ease withdrawal symptoms and facilitate addiction recovery.

Both Christian and secular addiction rehab programs may offer therapy, medications, and other evidence-based treatment choices.

However, non-religious addiction treatment strategies do not provide choices such as Christian counseling, Bible study, or group prayer.

At secular rehab programs, participants should still feel welcome to pursue their faith on a personal level.

Christian treatment facilities in Louisiana may treat multiple types of addiction. Some programs may specialize in treating a specific addiction, such as alcohol or opioid addiction.

Other programs treat a range of substance use disorders.

Some examples include:

Additionally, a few treatment centers may offer smoking cessation programs or gambling addiction treatment.

Start Your Recovery Journey

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