10 Best Christian Rehab Centers In The U.S.

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The best Christian rehab centers in the U.S. are backed by nonprofit status, up to 100 years of service, accreditations, and positive reviews. Their faith-based addiction services help people achieve long-term recovery.

10 Best Christian Rehab Centers In The U.S.

People looking for alcohol or drug addiction treatment that’s rooted in the principles of Christianity can find it at faith-based rehab centers.

The best Christian rehab centers in the U.S. often involve residential treatment programs that teach life skills while helping people heal from the ravages of drug addiction.

However, outpatient treatment options, including intensive outpatient programs (IOP), are also available at these drug rehab facilities.

List Of Christian Drug And Alcohol Recovery Centers In The U.S.

The following Christian rehab centers were chosen based on their marks of quality, including high Google ratings, accreditations, and certifications.

1. Absolute Ministries, Auburn, Washington

People in search of addiction treatment based on Biblical teachings can find it at this rehab center in Auburn, WA.

The treatment programs include church community integration and mentoring.

Ohio Recovery Center


Plymouth, Massachusetts

Absolute Ministries offers:

  • residential treatment for men and women
  • case management
  • life skills training
  • individual counseling
  • support groups
  • sober living housing

Absolute Ministries is backed by a 4.8-star Google rating. Admission navigators at this nonprofit rehab center help determine the right treatment services for each client.

Location and contact information:

1402 Lake Tapps Pkwy. SE
Auburn, WA 98092
(503) 383-9432

2. America’s Keswick Addiction Recovery Center, Whiting, New Jersey

America’s Keswick Addiction Recovery Center, Whiting, New Jersey Rehab Centers

Celebrating 100 years of service in 2024, America’s Keswick offers Christian-focused addiction treatment near New York City.

America’s Keswick offers teachings on the Bible to strengthen clients’ relationships with Christ.

Addiction treatment approaches here include:

  • inpatient treatment programs
  • trauma-informed care
  • individual and group counseling
  • treatment for opioid use disorders
  • life skills training

America’s Keswick has a high Google rating of 4 stars and is also backed by accreditation from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Location and contact information:

601 County Rd. 530
Ste. A
Whiting, NJ 08759
(732) 350-1187

3. Celebrate Hope, San Juan Capistrano, California

Celebrate Hope, San Juan Capistrano, California Rehab Centers

This Christian-based addiction recovery center near Los Angeles, CA, offers medical detox, cognitive behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention among other treatment services.

Christian counseling and faith-based education are part of the addiction treatment programs here.

Celebrate Hope is LegitScript-certified and has a high Google rating along with positive testimonials from clients.

Location and contact information:

33171 Paseo Cerveza
Ste. #400
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(866) 677-1872

4. Faith In Recovery, Pompano Beach, Florida

 Faith In Recovery, Pompano Beach, Florida Rehab Centers

This Christian rehab center offering addiction services in Pompano Beach, FL, provides a comprehensive range of treatment options that strengthen clients’ connection with God.

Faith in Recovery offers a comprehensive, nondenominational, Christ-centered approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Services through this rehab program include:

  • medical detox
  • inpatient rehab
  • outpatient treatment, including partial hospitalization programs
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • holistic treatment options
  • aftercare

Faith in Recovery has earned a 5-star Google rating with over 200 client reviews. It is also backed by Joint Commission accreditation.

Location and contact information:

950 N. Federal Hwy.
Ste. #201
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
(877) 669-0598

5. Healing House, Kansas City, Missouri

Healing House, Kansas City, Missouri Rehab Centers

Christians with substance use disorders can find faith-based addiction treatment in Kansas City, MO, at Healing House.

This nonprofit rehab center is backed by a 4.5-star Google rating, certification through the state of Missouri, and accreditation from the National Alliance of Recovery Residences.

It is also partners with the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Goodwill Industries, and Colonial Presbyterian Church.

Faith-based and evidence-based treatment here includes:

  • residential drug treatment programs
  • standard outpatient treatment
  • IOP
  • case management
  • counseling
  • 12-step programs
  • life skills training

Healing House offers separate inpatient residences for women, men, and families with young children.

Location and contact information:

4505 St. John Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64123
(816) 920-7181

6. Home Of Grace, Vancleave, Mississippi

 Home Of Grace, Vancleave, Mississippi Rehab Centers

Home of Grace provides Christian-focused addiction services in Vancleave, MS, through a residential program, individual and group counseling, and life skills education.

They have offered Christ-centered addiction recovery since 1965, helping tens of thousands of people heal from addiction.

This nonprofit drug and alcohol rehab center is a partner with the United Way and has a high Google rating and many positive reviews.

Location and contact information:

14200 Jericho Rd.
Vancleave, MS 39565
(228) 826-5283

7. HopeQuest, Acworth, Georgia

HopeQuest, Acworth, Georgia Rehab Centers

People in need of faith-based addiction recovery near Atlanta, GA, have a good option in HopeQuest, which has many positive reviews from former clients.

HopeQuest’s multidisciplinary team of experts brings together the fields of medicine, behavior, and spirituality to help people overcome substance abuse.

Addiction treatment plans here include:

  • residential treatment
  • outpatient treatment, including intensive outpatient programs
  • individual and group counseling
  • dual diagnosis treatment

HopeQuest is LegitScript-certified and holds accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Location and contact information:

5345 Crossroads Dr.
Acworth, GA 30102
(678) 391-5950

8. Metro Hope Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Metro Hope Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota Rehab Centers

The focus at Metro Hope is on a personalized, faith-based recovery process for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Metro Hope has been serving people in Minneapolis since 1926. They do not require clients to be Christian but focus all of their services on Christ-centered principles.

Addiction services in Minneapolis at Metro Hope include:

  • residential treatment
  • men’s and women’s programs
  • programs for women with children
  • case management
  • employment training

Metro Hope is a nonprofit treatment center offering drug rehab programs that are accredited by the ECFA and backed by many positive testimonials from clients.

Location and contact information:

2739 Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 721-9415

9. Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission, Reno, Nevada

People looking for treatment for substance use disorders in Reno, NV, can find free, faith-based addiction services at Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission.

This Christian rehab center provides classes that teach the principles of Christianity and strengthen clients’ spiritual life.

Treatment options at this nonprofit rehab center include:

  • emergency and long-term treatment
  • inpatient programs
  • counseling services
  • 12-step groups
  • work training
  • aftercare

In addition to its nonprofit status, Reno-Sparks is backed by a 3.9-star Google rating and positive testimonials from clients.

Location and contact information:

355 Record St.
Reno, NV 89512
(775) 329-0485

10. S2L Recovery, Woodbury, Tennessee

S2L Recovery, Woodbury, Tennessee Rehab Centers

This nonprofit, state-licensed rehab facility has a 4.8-star Google rating with dozens of positive reviews from clients.

S2L offers a nonjudgmental atmosphere and Bible teachings to support their clients’ recovery.

Their Christian-based addiction recovery services for men include:

  • detox services
  • 24/7 medical supervision
  • non-12-step, faith-based recovery programs
  • referrals to inpatient or outpatient treatment

S2L’s faith-based recovery programs are LegitScript-certified and accredited by the Joint Commission.

Location and contact information:

3180 Hill Creek Rd.
Woodbury, TN 37190
(888) 241-8546

What To Consider Before Choosing A Christian Treatment Center In The U.S.

Spiritual healing is an important aspect of care for many people in search of treatment facilities for substance use disorders.

The success of Alcoholics Anonymous in providing alcohol treatment is evidence that giving up personal control and relying on a higher power can help heal addiction.

As is the case with the options listed above, reputable Christian rehabilitation centers in the U.S. have marks of quality that can usually be found on their website.

These quality indicators include:

  • certification by the state
  • accreditation by nationally recognized >organizations
  • positive reviews and testimonials
  • high Google ratings
  • nonprofit status
  • many years of service

In addition to marks of quality, other considerations to keep in mind when looking for faith-based rehab programs include the types of services they offer, which we’ll look at next.

Treatment Services At Christian Addiction Rehab Centers In The U.S.

Both evidence-based and faith-based addiction treatment services can be found at Christian rehab centers in the U.S.

Evidence-based treatment includes:

  • detoxification services
  • residential programs
  • outpatient services
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for alcohol addiction and other substance use disorders
  • individual, family, and group therapy or counseling services
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • relapse prevention
  • aftercare services

Many rehab centers can provide referrals to addiction healthcare services or levels of care that they don’t provide at their own facility.

Faith-based services may include worship services, 12-step groups like Narcotics Anonymous, Bible study groups, and spiritual counseling services.

FAQs About Christian-Based Substance Abuse Treatment In The U.S.

It’s not unusual to have questions when looking for Christian rehab centers in the U.S. Below, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions regarding faith-based care.

Yes, there are Christian rehab centers that accept Medicaid for addiction treatment services across the United States.

They will often indicate whether or not they do so on their website, but you can also call the facility’s hotline or your insurance provider to verify that services will be covered.

Many faith-based treatment centers receive donations to fund their addiction services, so you may be able to access free or low-cost care even without insurance.

Yes, you can find treatment for cocaine addiction at Christ-focused rehab centers in the U.S. If detox services aren’t available at the rehab center you’re looking into, they can provide a referral.

Treatment for substance use disorders involving other stimulant drugs, including meth abuse, is also available.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to bring your companion animal with you to a Christian drug rehab center in the U.S., as most rehab centers don’t allow pets.

However, there are some pet-friendly addiction treatment centers that will accommodate you and your dog.

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