3 Best Christian Rehab Centers In Kentucky

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The state of Kentucky has multiple faith-based rehab centers. Kentucky’s Christian rehab centers offer treatment from a Christian perspective. Addiction services include therapy, Bible study, and group worship sessions.

Christian Rehab Centers In Kentucky

For many people searching for long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, faith is a core part of restoring their mental wellness.

For people of the Christian faith, a religiously based addiction treatment program can be a useful tool for overcoming chemical dependency.

You may find multiple Christian rehab centers in Kentucky that help meet this need.

List Of Kentucky Christian Drug And Alcohol Recovery Centers

The following rehab centers offer Christian addiction care in Kentucky.

Facilities on this list were selected based on signs of credibility, such as accreditation and nonprofit status, and the availability of Christian services.

1. Beth’s Blessing, Tyner, Kentucky

Beth’s Blessing, Tyner, Kentucky Christian Rehab Centers

Beth’s Blessing is a women’s residential addiction treatment center near London, KY, that uses a Christian faith-based approach to addiction recovery.

It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which maintains high standards for addiction treatment centers.

Treatment options at Beth’s Blessing include:

  • evaluations
  • medical stabilization
  • addiction education
  • group and individual therapy
  • dual diagnosis treatment

Location and contact information:

13715 Hwy. 421 S.
Tyner, KY 40486
(606) 341-2281

2. Kentucky Christian Recovery, Morgantown, Kentucky

Kentucky Christian Recovery is a CARF-accredited men’s addiction treatment program in Morgantown, KY, that provides care in four stages.

These stages are:

  • residential care
  • intensive outpatient services
  • sober living
  • aftercare

All services at this treatment facility are delivered from a Christian worldview.

Location and contact information:

263 Huntsville-Quality Rd.
Morgantown, KY 42261
(270) 516-1601

3. Redeemed And Restored, Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Redeemed And Restored, Hopkinsville, Kentucky Christian Rehab Centers

Redeemed and Restored is a nonprofit Christian rehabilitation center in Hopkinsville, KY, that provides short-term residential care.

Treatment services include:

  • counseling services
  • group therapy
  • 12-step meetings
  • nurse services and referrals for medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • relapse prevention
  • transitional services such as housing and financial planning

Additionally, Redeemed and Restored provides Bible study and other worship activities.

Location and contact information:

2010 Cadiz Rd.,
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
(270) 874-4016

What To Consider Before Choosing Christian Addiction Treatment In Kentucky

Before choosing a Christian-based rehab service in Kentucky, you might consider several factors.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient Christian Rehab Programs

When choosing any drug treatment program, including Christian rehab services, consider whether you will need inpatient, outpatient, or residential treatment services.

Both inpatient and residential treatment include room and board as part of their substance abuse services.

However, inpatient care is more intensive, often short-term, and takes place in a hospital or clinic setting.

Residential treatment is less intensive, long-term, and takes place in a home-like environment.

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers provide care at varying levels of intensity. For example, partial hospitalization is more intensive than standard outpatient care.

All types of outpatient treatment require participants to commute.

Community Centers Versus Drug And Alcohol Treatment

As you look for faith-based addiction care in Kentucky, note the difference between Christian community centers and Christian rehab centers.

You may find several Christian community centers and support services for people with substance use disorders.

These environments often host 12-step meetings, offer recreational activities, and provide Bible study groups and similar Christian services.

Rehab centers offer psychological and/or medical addiction treatment services. They may also use a 12-step approach, but they provide options that community centers do not.

Both choices can prove helpful during the recovery process. However, if you are looking for treatment rather than support alone, you should begin your recovery with rehab services.

Paying For Christian Drug Addiction Treatment In Kentucky

Although many people in Kentucky deal with substance abuse, only a small percentage receive treatment. For a large number of these individuals, the cost of addiction care presents a barrier.

If you need free or low-cost addiction treatment in Kentucky, note that several Christian-based options are available.

If you want to use Medicaid for substance abuse care, note that some of the rehab centers in Kentucky that accept Medicaid are Christian programs.

What Treatment Choices Are Available At Kentucky Christian Recovery Programs?

Christian-based recovery centers in Kentucky differ from secular organizations in that they provide services from a Christian perspective.

A Christian addiction counselor, for example, may incorporate faith alongside cognitive behavioral therapy and other modalities.

Some common addiction services include:

  • individual counseling
  • group therapy and support groups
  • MAT
  • medical detox
  • mental health treatment
  • relapse prevention strategies

FAQs About Christian-Based Substance Abuse Treatment In Kentucky

Addiction is a complex condition, and people often have questions about their treatment choices.

Here you’ll find some common questions about Christian addiction treatment in Kentucky.

A 12-step program is a structured series of actions that originated as a program for people with an addiction to alcohol

Since then, it has been adapted for a variety of conditions, including methamphetamine addiction or prescription drug addiction. 

Many Christian and secular rehab programs use the 12 steps. Christian programs especially may use them because the program aligns with Christian values and rests on trust in a higher power.

Not all Christian addiction programs offer MAT, but those that do use it as a way to help the recovery process.

Heroin addiction and other opioid addictions may actually require MAT for the participant’s safety. Likewise, benzodiazepine addictions require a gradual tapering process.

The medications used during MAT can facilitate a taper, mitigate adverse reactions, and ease withdrawal symptoms. 

Evidence-based addiction treatment is offered at some Christian addiction treatment programs in Kentucky. Such treatments have demonstrated their effectiveness as a form of addiction care.

For example contingency management, a rewards-based system, has proven beneficial for people with cocaine addiction.

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