3 Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers In Medford, Oregon

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People without private insurance or in financial hardship can find no-cost addiction treatment in various Medford, Oregon, rehab centers. Treatment centers assist people as they overcome chemical dependency by offering mental health treatment and support groups.

3 Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers In Medford, Oregon

The cost of treatment programs shouldn’t stop anyone from receiving care. Free rehab centers in Oregon offer many treatment options to recover from opioids, alcohol, or stimulant addiction.

Read on to learn about various treatment services and rehab programs provided by free Medford, Oregon, rehabilitation centers.

List Of Free Alcohol And Drug Treatment Centers In Medford, Oregon

The listed Medford, OR, addiction treatment centers have recognized accreditations and are staffed by certified treatment providers who provide a variety of services.

1. Engagement And Outpatient Services, Medford, Oregon

Engagement And Outpatient Services, Medford, Oregon

This outpatient treatment facility is one of two Addictions Recovery Center (ARC) locations in Medford. The Health Resources & Services Administration has approved ARC’s website.

Three outpatient programs are offered at this center, including:

  • standard outpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • partial hospitalization program (PHP)

Clients who signed up for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) can receive free treatment. Referrals can be made to aftercare services, inpatient treatment, or other levels of care.

Location and contact information:

1025 E. Main St.
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 779-1282

2. Fresh Start Detox & Sobering, Medford, Oregon

Fresh Start Detox & Sobering, Medford, Oregon

This detox center is ARC’s other Medford drug treatment location. Clients are offered medical detoxification, stabilization, and 24/7 monitoring.

Once a client finishes detox, they are prepared for the next step in recovery care, such as residential treatment. Treatment plans are tailored to each client’s needs.

Location and contact information:

338 N. Front St.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 779-1282

3. Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center, Medford, Oregon

Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center, Medford, Oregon

The Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for adults experiencing fentanyl misuse, heroin abuse, or opioid addiction.

Medications used in this center include:

  • methadone
  • Suboxone
  • naltrexone
  • buprenorphine

Medicaid through the OHP, Medicare, and private insurance are accepted at this treatment center.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) have granted this center affiliation.

Location and contact information:

777 Murphy Rd.
Medford, OR 97504
(844) 934-2249

How To Get Free Alcohol And Drug Treatment In Medford, Oregon

There are multiple ways to obtain free substance abuse healthcare in Medford, OR.

Individuals can sign up for the Oregon Health Plan, apply for grants, attend a rehab program with a sliding fee scale, or research scholarships and other forms of payment assistance.

Oregon Health Plan

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is a free health insurance program for Oregonians with lower incomes seeking dental, medical, or mental health services.

The Oregon Health Plan covers addiction treatments such as behavioral therapy, detox, and more.

People who fit the below income limits and additional requirements may be eligible:

  • married couples who make $2,004 per month or less
  • children whose parents make less than $6,736 per month
  • pregnant women making less than $2,040 per month

Addictions And Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council Block Grants

The Mental Health Block Grant and the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant are two grants that can pay for substance abuse services.

These grants are funded by the Addictions and Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council. They’re offered to rehab centers and community programs that serve underinsured or uninsured people and don’t require any later reimbursement.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Access Free Alcohol Or Drug Abuse Services In Medford, Oregon?

With many people seeking free addiction treatment, there is a chance that no-cost rehab centers in Medford, OR, could be at capacity.

Fortunately, nearby cities also offer quality addiction treatment. Free and low-cost drug rehab centers in Eugene, Portland, and Salem offer flexible payment options for behavioral health care.

What Addiction Services Are Offered By Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facilities In Medford, Oregon?

Treatment services and evidence-based practices offered by free rehabilitation centers in Medford, OR, address a client’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Clients are offered these services in free Medford, OR, rehab centers:

  • medical advice
  • in-home programs
  • behavioral therapy approaches
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • referrals to other levels of care
  • inpatient rehab programs
  • individual and group therapy
  • substance-specific treatment, such as cocaine and alcohol rehab services
  • relapse prevention
  • employment training
  • life skills
  • help with law enforcement
  • driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) classes
  • 12-step programs

FAQs About Addiction Recovery Centers In Medford, Oregon

There are many things to consider before committing to a free drug rehab center in Medford, Oregon. Read on to learn the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Once someone stops engaging in drug use, the body starts adjusting to the absence of the substance’s effects. This process can be physically difficult.

Detoxification usually takes three to seven days to complete. However, it can take longer if the person has an established history of drug abuse.

Many people who need addiction treatment have pets who rely on them.

While pet-friendly rehab centers are still relatively uncommon, an increasing number of addiction treatment programs are creating inclusive pet policies to provide their clients with the unconditional love of their pets during treatment.

To find out whether your rehab program in Oregon allows pets, call their helpline.

PTSD is a mental health condition routinely experienced by survivors of abuse, veterans, emergency services, and members of the LGBTQ community.

PTSD and other mental illnesses can contribute to substance use disorders, necessitating dual diagnosis treatment. Fortunately, many drug rehabs in Medford, OR are able to offer this service.

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