5 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Pike Creek Valley, Delaware

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Free and low-cost rehab centers in Pike Creek Valley, DE offer a valuable service to people facing financial hardship and drug or alcohol abuse. With help from government funding, these people can receive addiction treatment.

5 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Pike Creek Valley, Delaware

The population of Pike Creek Valley is only about 11,300 people, but it sits at the center of New Castle County about seven miles away from Newark and 11 miles away from Wilmington.

By virtue of their location, residents of Pike Creek Valley who are battling drug and alcohol addiction have access to several free rehab centers in Delaware.

List Of Free Drug Rehab Centers Near Pike Creek Valley, Delaware

Some of those free rehab centers are listed below. Each treatment center on this list has been vetted for quality marks such as accreditation, memberships, and client ratings.

1. Brandywine Counseling And Community Services (BCCS), Wilmington, Delaware

Brandywine Counseling And Community Services, Newark, Delaware

BCCS offers addiction treatment services in Wilmington, DE, and they accept Medicare, Medicaid, and government funding.

Treatment services include two levels of care (office-based and standard) for opioid addiction, standard and intensive outpatient programs (IOP), as well as court-ordered DUI programs.

BCCS has the following marks of quality:

  • accredited by the Joint Commission
  • certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • licensed by the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health

Location and contact information:

2713 Lancaster Ave.
Wilmington, DE 19805
(302) 656-2348

2. Essentials Recovery, Wilmington, Delaware

Essentials Recovery, Wilmington, Delaware

Essentials Recovery is an outpatient treatment center that accepts Medicaid.

Their services include IOP and aftercare as well as standard outpatient treatment that is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Programs include group, individual, and family therapy, medication management, and medical appointments.

Location and contact information:

3700 Lancaster Pike
Ste. 105
Wilmington, DE 19805
(302) 842-2390

3. Kirkwood Recovery Center, Wilmington, Delaware

Kirkwood Recovery Center, Wilmington, Delaware

Kirkwood Recovery Center is a detox center that is run under the auspices of Northeast Treatment Centers, a community services organization based largely in Philadelphia, PA.

They offer clinical and medical addiction recovery services, focusing on the tools that help clients maintain long-term recovery.

They accept funding through:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • military insurance
  • government funding
  • SAMHSA block grants

Kirkwood Recovery Center is a member of the United Way and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Location and contact information:

3315 Kirkwood Hwy.
Wilmington, DE 19808
(302) 691-0140

4. Rockford Center, Newark, Delaware

Rockford Center, Newark, Delaware

The Rockford Center accepts funding from a wide range of sources.

These sources include:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • military insurance
  • private and community foundations
  • state corrections funds
  • state education funds
  • state welfare
  • VA funds
  • state mental health agency funds

Addiction treatment services in Newark, DE for adults and adolescents include:

  • inpatient treatment
  • partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • IOP
  • evidence-based and experiential therapies

The Rockford Center is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Location and contact information:

100 Rockford Dr.
Newark, DE 19713
(302) 996-5480

5. SaVida Health, Newark, Delaware

SaVida Health, Newark, Delaware

SaVida Health operates a number of treatment centers throughout New England, including this one for alcohol and opioid addiction.

They accept Medicaid, Medicare, and military insurance, and block grants from SAMHSA for addiction treatment.

Treatment services include behavioral health services, therapy, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). SaVida is certified for opioid treatment by SAMHSA.

Location and contact information:

4923 Ogletown Stanton Rd.
Ste. 110
Newark, DE 19713
(302) 894-8628

How To Get Free Rehab Services Near Pike Creek Valley, Delaware

There are a number of ways that you can obtain free or low-cost alcohol and drug treatment in Pike Creek Valley.

A rehab center in this area is able to offer free treatment services through the funding options that are available.

Funding sources for drug and alcohol treatment can include:

  • specific and block grants from SAMHSA
  • federal or state-backed health insurance programs such as Medicaid or Medicare
  • federal or state departments that allot money to mental health or substance abuse treatment organizations
  • donations from people and organizations in the private sector

A rehab center may receive funding from one or all of these sources.

How much a rehab center receives and how the funds are to be allocated often dictates what treatment programs you can attend and whether or not those programs are free or discounted.

Private insurance may also be of help by covering some or all of the cost, depending on what kind of insurance you have.

What Services Are Offered At Free Rehab Centers Near Pike Creek Valley, Delaware?

Depending upon the addiction treatment center and what they are able to include in a free or discounted rehab program, you can obtain a number of different services.

Treatment options that are available for alcohol and drug abuse may include:

  • MAT
  • behavioral therapy
  • outpatient services such as a PHP, an IOP, or a standard outpatient level of care
  • inpatient treatment that may include medical detoxification or residential treatment
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • aftercare
  • healthcare

What If I Can’t Find A Free Rehab Program Near Pike Creek Valley, Delaware?

If you can’t find free substance abuse treatment near Pike Creek Valley, Delaware, then you could try looking in the southern part of the state.

There may be treatment programs that fit your needs in cities such as Dover, DE. Although farther than Wilmington, Dover is still only about 50 miles away from Pike Creek Valley.

FAQs About Free Addiction Care In Pike Creek Valley, Delaware

If you want to know more about free or low-cost drug rehab centers in Pike Creek Valley, you can review the frequently asked questions below.

Probably not, but there are drug and alcohol rehab centers nationally that are pet-friendly.

Having your pet through addiction treatment can help calm you when detox or therapy gets uncomfortable.

Yes, it can. People who have autism can also experience other disorders such as ADHD or anxiety.

Mental health disorders such as autism often lead to substance abuse as a way of masking or coping with the symptoms.

Yes, there are detox centers in that part of Delaware.

Detox is just the beginning of treatment for things like alcohol use disorder, but it provides a foundation from which to seek out long-term treatment options.

Yes, there are addiction rehab centers near Pike Creek Valley that accept Medicaid for substance abuse treatment.

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