3 North Dakota Veterans Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

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North Dakota veterans’ addiction recovery centers offer military personnel and their family members treatment for substance use disorders (SUD). These facilities help clients pursue a drug-free life through detoxification services, treatment, and aftercare.

3 North Dakota Veterans Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

People with military backgrounds have unique experiences that may correlate to higher rates of alcohol and drug abuse as well as other mental health issues.

If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment, there are several veteran drug rehab facilities that offer specialized substance abuse healthcare for past and current service members.

List Of North Dakota Veterans Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facilities

The following North Dakota addiction recovery centers hold accreditations and licenses from respected organizations and accept military insurance, such as TRICARE.

1. Fargo Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System, Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System, Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo VA Healthcare System is an addiction treatment center in Fargo, ND, that has outpatient treatment options for veterans, seniors, and LGBTQ+ people.

Some outpatient treatment options include:

  • outpatient detoxification
  • intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • standard outpatient treatment

This facility is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Location and contact information:

2101 N. Elm St.
Unit 116-A
Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 239-3700

2. North Central Human Service Center, Minot, North Dakota

North Central Human Service Center, Minot, North Dakota

North Central Human Service Center is a Minot, ND, addiction recovery facility that offers several levels of care for former and current military members.

Clients may be admitted into one of many recovery programs, including:

  • day treatment
  • inpatient and outpatient detoxification
  • standard and intensive outpatient treatment
  • long-form and short-term residential treatment
  • partial hospitalization

The Council on Accreditation (COA) has accredited this facility.

Location and contact information:

1015 S. Broadway
Ste. #18
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 857-8500

3. West Central Human Service Center, Bismarck, North Dakota

West Central Human Service Center, Bismarck, North Dakota

West Central Human Service Center is a substance abuse treatment facility in Bismarck, ND, that helps veterans detox and recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

Some of the treatment services offered at this facility include:

  • behavioral health treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • motivational interviewing (MI)
  • individual, group, and family counseling
  • suicide prevention
  • anger management
  • referrals to inpatient treatment and aftercare planning

This facility is accredited by the COA.

Location and contact information:

1237 W. Divide Ave.
Ste. #5
Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 328-8888

Factors Influencing Veterans To Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Military training and deployment can cause physical and emotional injury. Both contribute to higher rates of substance abuse among military service members.

Some people may use drugs or alcohol to cope with:

  • trauma resulting from combat
  • rigid schedules
  • physical injuries
  • mental health disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Veterans also may experience stressors upon returning home, including:

  • housing insecurity
  • unemployment
  • alienation from civilian family and friends
  • boredom and lack of stimulation

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Services For Veterans With Chemical Dependency

Many addiction services and treatment approaches can help veterans overcome substance abuse and other mental health disorders.

North Dakota veteran drug rehab centers offer:

  • dual diagnosis treatment for family members, including young adults and children with mental health disorders
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT) through naltrexone, methadone, or buprenorphine
  • discharge planning to sober living, transitional living, or halfway homes
  • assistance obtaining social services
  • relapse prevention
  • drug screenings
  • one-on-one and group therapy
  • employment training
  • life skills development
  • brief interventions
  • specific treatment for cocaine, opioid, and methamphetamine abuse
  • substance abuse education
  • 12-step group exposure
  • peer support
  • recovery coaching

Health Insurance And Payment Options For Veterans Seeking Addiction Recovery

Veterans and current military service members may be eligible for many types of insurance that can cover or partially cover the cost of drug abuse services.

Examples of military insurance options include VA benefits and TRICARE, which are accepted by every facility listed above.

If you or a loved one are ineligible for these options, you can sign up for state-funded insurance like Medicaid or Medicare. All of the listed North Dakota rehab facilities accept Medicaid.

Some of these treatment centers offer a sliding fee scale and payment assistance if you have trouble paying for services.

FAQs About North Dakota Veterans Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Choosing the right addiction treatment center for you or a loved one can be difficult, but we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help with your search.

Some veterans and active duty members are deaf or hard of hearing and require specialized treatment to overcome substance use disorder.

All three North Dakota veteran drug rehab facilities offer hard-of-hearing treatment services, such as counselors fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

Two North Dakota veteran rehabilitation centers can help adolescents displaying signs of drug abuse or alcohol addiction.

Children, as well as adults, with co-occurring mental health disorders may also receive treatment to help balance mood with healthy coping skills.

Some clients have engaged in substance abuse for months to years, requiring outpatient or medical detox to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Two North Dakota veteran addiction treatment centers offer opioid, heroin, and alcohol detox services. Contact a facility’s hotline to ask about supervised versus medical detox.

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