3 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Spokane, Washington

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Free rehab programs in Spokane, Washington, offer services such as inpatient care, outpatient care, and medical detox from drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse care is available for people of all ages who experience addiction, including adolescents and older adults.

3 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Spokane, Washington

In the state of Washington, many people do not receive adequate healthcare, including treatment for substance use disorders.

To combat this issue, free rehab programs in Washington provide services for people who may not be able to afford care.

These programs include free and low-cost rehab centers in Spokane, Washington.

List Of Free Drug Rehab Centers In Spokane, Washington

Here you’ll find three programs that offer free and reduced-cost addiction care in Spokane, WA.

These programs were selected for marks of quality and credibility, including certification, accreditation, and positive testimonials from clients.

1. Colonial Clinic, Spokane, Washington

Colonial Clinic, Spokane, Washington

Colonial Clinic is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for people with substance use disorders. Services include group therapy, counseling, evaluations, and addiction education.

Colonial Clinic’s rehab program in Spokane, WA, accepts most private health insurance providers as well as Washington Medicaid.

It is accredited by the Joint Commission, which sets some of the highest standards available for addiction treatment centers.

Location and contact information:

910 N. Washington St.
Ste. #210
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 327-9831

2. Compassionate Addiction Treatment, Spokane, Washington

Compassionate Addiction Treatment, Spokane, Washington

Compassionate Addiction Treatment is a recovery community and outpatient drug addiction treatment provider.

Substance abuse treatment includes:

  • counseling
  • group therapy
  • trauma-informed care
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • harm reduction support

Compassionate Addiction Treatment accepts funding from grant organizations as well as donations from individuals.

This program has received many positive reviews and testimonials from participants.

Location and contact information:

168 S. Division St.
Spokane, WA 99202
(509) 919-3362

3. The NATIVE Project, Spokane, Washington

The NATIVE Project, Spokane, Washington

The NATIVE Project provides medical, dental, and mental health care for the Spokane community. Both Native and non-Native people can receive services through this program.

Addiction services are available for children and adolescents who experience drug abuse.

These services include:

  • assessments
  • outpatient services and an IOP
  • aftercare and relapse prevention
  • co-occurring disorder treatment

The NATIVE Project offers a sliding fee scale to people with few financial resources. It does not charge a copay for those who can provide proof of tribal enrollment.

This treatment facility is a designated Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and Urban Indian Health Clinic (UIHC).

Location and contact information:

1803 W Maxwell Ave.
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 483-7535

How To Get Free Rehab Services In Spokane, Washington

Those who need free Spokane, WA, addiction care may find services in several ways.

Apple Health Care

Several Washington addiction treatment programs in Spokane accept Apple Health Care for addiction services.

Apple Health Care, which is Washington’s Medicaid program, is a government-funded health coverage program.

Rehab facilities that accept Medicaid can often provide services for free or at a reduced cost, as Medicaid may partially or completely cover the cost of drug and alcohol treatment.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

FQHCs are programs that provide comprehensive health services for underserved populations, including medical, dental, and preventative services.

FQHCs must meet multiple requirements, including:

  • eligibility for Public Health Service Act (PHS) funding
  • Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement eligibility
  • availability of sliding fee scales
  • a quality assurance program
  • a governing board of directors

Spokane and other nearby cities, such as Seattle, have several of these programs. Many people who use these programs can receive chemical dependency treatment for free or at a low cost.

Grants, Donations, And Fundraising

Some nonprofit organizations receive funding from grants and other sources. They use these sources to mitigate the cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Grants are sums of money provided for a specific purpose or type of organization.

For example, several free treatment centers in Spokane, WA, accept grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Many of these programs also accept individual and corporate donations.

What Services Are Offered At Spokane, Washington Free Rehab Centers?

You may find a range of services at free and low-cost rehab programs in Spokane, WA. Treatment options vary by location.

Some commonly-offered services include:

  • outpatient treatment services such as IOP and partial hospitalization
  • inpatient services
  • behavioral therapy
  • detox centers
  • residential treatment
  • counseling services
  • group therapy
  • individualized treatment plans
  • dual diagnosis care
  • referrals for further treatment
  • MAT
  • aftercare

What If I Can’t Find A Free Rehab Program In Spokane, Washington?

While Spokane Valley has multiple free rehab programs, you may still manage the cost of addiction treatment if you do not qualify for services.

Your options include:

  • payment assistance, including long-term payment options
  • seeking free rehab services outside of Spokane
  • faith-based rehab programs
  • state-funded rehab programs
  • free recovery peer groups
  • using a loan to pay for treatment

FAQs About Free Addiction Care In Spokane, Washington

People have many addiction treatment options, and they often have questions about pursuing care.

Below are some frequently asked questions about free and low-cost rehab services in Spokane, WA.

Treatment centers in Spokane generally follow the same protocol as treatment programs throughout the United States.

Admission generally begins with an assessment to determine whether a person needs drug or alcohol detoxification and any other specialized services.

Once you’ve found a drug and alcohol rehab center you’re interested in, you can call their helpline to learn about their admissions process.

Addiction is a chronic condition, and people may experience relapse for many reasons.

Relapse does not mean that you or your treatment has failed, but you may need further addiction care.

If you have experienced relapse, you may receive free addiction services, including free rehab services in Spokane, WA.

While some free addiction recovery centers in Spokane, WA, treat specific age groups, others offer addiction services for all ages.

Many older adults experience addiction due to common factors like social isolation and chronic pain. Opioid addiction is especially prevalent among senior citizens.

Free and low-cost rehab programs can help these adults begin recovery.

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