3 Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facilities In South Kingston, Rhode Island

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Several treatment options, including outpatient services, inpatient treatment, and detoxification are available at addiction recovery centers near South Kingston, Rhode Island. Clients receive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medical advice, and aftercare planning.

3 Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facilities In South Kingston, Rhode Island

Treatment services for substance use disorders can be accessed by anyone at free Rhode Island rehabilitation centers.

Clients from any financial background can undergo mental health treatment, group therapy, and life skills development in a recovery facility near South Kingston, Rhode Island.

List Of Free Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers Near South Kingston, Rhode Island

The following treatment centers near South Kingston are licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Public Health and list Medicaid as a payment option.

1. CODAC Behavioral Healthcare South County, Wakefield, Rhode Island

CODAC Behavioral Healthcare South County is a nonprofit treatment facility in Wakefield, Rhode Island, offering detox services and outpatient treatment.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), dual diagnosis treatment, and individual counseling are some services clients may undergo.

Payment options include:

  • Medicare
  • private insurance
  • federal funding
  • Medicaid

Location and contact information:

350 Columbia St.
Wakefield, RI 02879
(401) 789-0934

2. Galilee Mission, Inc., Narragansett, Rhode Island

Galilee Mission, Inc., Narragansett, Rhode Island

Galilee Mission, Inc. offers short and long-term residential treatment to young and old adults experiencing chemical dependency issues.

Clients can pay for services using Indian Health Service (IHS)/Tribal/Urban funds, block grants, or self-payment. Relapse prevention, CBT, and 12-step facilitation are available to clients.

Referrals to inpatient drug rehab programs, outpatient treatments, and detox centers can be made for clients.

Location and contact information:

268 Kingstown Rd.
Narragansett, RI 02882
(401) 789-9390

3. Zinnia Exeter, Exeter, Rhode Island

Zinnia Exeter, Exeter, Rhode Island

Zinnia Exeter is a treatment center in Exeter, Rhode Island, offering several treatment options for anyone experiencing heroin, alcohol, or cocaine abuse.

Some of the treatment options include:

  • inpatient rehab programs: standard inpatient treatment and inpatient detoxification
  • outpatient drug rehab programs: intensive outpatient programs (IOP), day treatment, and partial hospitalization
  • residential treatment: short and long-term

Clients are offered many services in this treatment center, including motivational interviewing (MI), trauma-informed counseling, and medication management.

Location and contact information:

251 Main St.
Exeter, RI 02822
(401) 295-0960

How To Access Free Alcohol And Drug Addiction Recovery Services Near South Kingston, Rhode Island

State and federal funding, as well as health insurance programs designed for demographics, help people with limited means pay for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.

Government Funding

People can utilize state and federal funding to pay for addiction treatment programs and aftercare services.

Sources of government funding include:

  • block grants funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • IHS/Tribal/Urban funds for Native Americans and Alaskan Natives

Health Insurance Plans

There are many health insurance programs created for people from different backgrounds and needs.

Some health insurance plans that may cover drug rehab programs are:

  • Medicaid: a health insurance program created for adults, children, and individuals with disabilities living in low-income households
  • Medicare: insurance for people aged 65 years and older
  • Tricare: health insurance coverage for veterans, active military personnel, and family members

What If I Can’t Obtain Free Drug Treatment Services Near South Kingston, Rhode Island?

You can find affordable and quality treatment centers close to South Kingston if the above facilities cannot admit you or a loved one.

Recovery centers in Middletown, Cranston, Warwick, and Providence offer certified treatment providers with years of experience in substance abuse healthcare.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Services Offered In Rehabilitation Centers Near South Kingston, Rhode Island

Free treatment centers near South Kingston, RI, offer services to help clients make a full transformation during the recovery process.

Recovery services offered in free South Kingston facilities include:

  • individual and group therapy
  • opioid, cocaine, and alcohol detox
  • discharge planning to aftercare services, such as sober living
  • employment training
  • matrix model approach
  • medication maintenance
  • self-help groups
  • peer support
  • case management
  • treatment for pregnant women
  • drug screening
  • mental health assessments
  • suicide prevention classes
  • brief interventions
  • community reinforcement
  • substance abuse education

FAQs About Free Addiction Recovery Centers Near South Kingston, Rhode Island

When people explore treatment options, they may have some questions about the specifics of services. Read on to learn the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Two treatment centers near South Kingston, RI, offer detoxification medication for opioid and heroin abuse.

Some of the medications used include:

  • methadone
  • buprenorphine
  • naltrexone
  • clonidine

People who have engaged in long-term drug abuse can experience serious and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

You or a loved one can detox from opioid, methamphetamine, or alcohol abuse in two of the treatment centers listed above.

If you have safely passed through symptoms on your own you can enter any treatment center near South Kingston, RI.

All the above Rhode Island addiction recovery centers accept Medicaid and many other private health insurance plans.

They may also accept other government-funded insurance like Tricare and Medicare as well as other forms of payment assistance.

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