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Pennsylvania has many drug and alcohol treatment facilities that enable people to get substance abuse or mental health treatment. Several treatment programs are available free of charge or for minimal fees.

Free Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Pennsylvania

Substance abuse is a growing problem and many drug rehab centers are available to help those who don’t know where to go for assistance with the recovery process.

Recovery programs can be very expensive, and often people don’t get the help they need because of their financial situation.

Many residents don’t know where to seek help with inpatient or outpatient treatment, much less how to pay for it. However, there are treatment facilities in Pennsylvania that have low-cost or free options for addiction.

Is There Free Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Pennsylvania?

Drug and alcohol abuse is a chronic illness but help is available in Pennsylvania for those who cannot afford care. Many programs offer financial assistance or free services.

Free drug and alcohol rehab centers often provide:

  • medical detox
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • inpatient treatment
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • co-occurring disorder treatment

How Can I Get Free Drug Or Alcohol Treatment In Pennsylvania?

Many low-income families can seek government funding or take advantage of treatment services that are offered based on income.

Some drug rehab centers offer sliding scale payments to help those who may struggle to pay for treatment. Medicaid and Medicare is often accepted for drug rehab programs.

Many sources of funding are available for those who need assistance and many treatment facilities will help find aid. Many times treatment services are not denied based on the inability to pay.

Using Medicaid To Cover The Cost Of Rehab

Medicaid is sometimes an accepted form of payment for the recovery process at drug or alcohol treatment centers.

A minimal charge may be required for those using Medicaid to pay for recovery services, but that is normally determined based on an individual’s income.

Learn more about using Pennsylvania Medicaid to pay for addiction treatment

Pennsylvania State Grants For Addiction Treatment

In 2021, the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) announced there was funding for Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) to help with recovery support services to individuals in recovery for substance abuse.

The services included:

  • recovery coaching through Certified Recovery Specialists
  • telehealth
  • education and employment support
  • GED services
  • life-skills support groups

List Of Free Rehab Centers In Pennsylvania

Five drug rehab centers are listed here that offer quality treatment services for free or reduced costs. Many of them offer treatment for substance use disorders and behavioral health care.

1. Family Center of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This university addiction treatment facility offers a specialized program for pregnant women.

This program, Maternal Addiction Treatment, Education and Research (MATER), is one of the oldest and most inclusive programs for pregnant and parenting women in the country.

The recovery center offers outpatient and residential treatment programs. They assist with insurance coverage and welfare benefits, accept Medicaid, and offer a sliding scale program.

Standards and practices of this rehab facility include:

  • leads state-of-the art research
  • research and evidence-based care
  • MATER programs for treatment and training
  • featured patients’ stories
  • licensed practitioners

Location and contact information:

1233 Locust St.
4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 955-8577

2. Gaudenzia, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Gaudenzia is a non-profit organization offering free or greatly reduced-cost programs. It started as a support group that united to battle drugs together. They work with insurance providers and government agencies.

Today, they offer comprehensive outpatient and residential programs that address substance abuse treatment, prevention, and education needs of adults and children.

This treatment facility offers detox, inpatient services, outpatient treatment, and many others along

Standards of care include:

  • administers the substance abuse treatment program at the State Correctional Institute in Chester
  • ACCESS program employee assistance program services
  • conducts research and educates the community
  • adheres to the holistic principles of the Therapeutic Community
  • pioneered many programs for specialized populations
  • earned national attention for approaches to substance abuse treatment

Location and contact information:

124 East Azalea Dr.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717) 233-3424

3. Daystar, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Daystar is a non-profit, community-based residential treatment program for individuals recovering from substance use disorders. Treatment lasts three to six months.

The center was founded by a pastor and helps individuals and families through a community-based holistic, residential treatment approach. They accept Medicaid and help with any government funding.

Some qualities of Daystar include:

  • provides treatment programs licensed by the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs of Pennsylvania
  • licensed treatment providers
  • evidence-based counseling

Location and contact information:

125 N. 18th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17103
(717) 230-9898

4. Tadiso, Pittsburgh, PA

Tadiso provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT). They use methadone to help those battling opioid addiction and have been around for the past 50 years.

The facility accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and any government funding for substance abuse.

Standards of care include:

  • CARF-accredited outpatient opioid treatment facility
  • MAT
  • evidence-based treatment
  • individualized, patient-centered treatment and recovery-oriented support services
  • success stories

Location and contact information:

1425 Beaver Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(412) 906-9812

5. Public Health Management — CHANCES, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program is provided for women with children. They offer comprehensive therapeutic, educational, and support services.

They offer many other programs including Pathways to Recovery, a short-term co-occurring disorder treatment partial hospitalization program. They are a non-profit facility and accept Medicaid and Medicare.

PHMC is supported by:

  • Pennsylvania Public Health Institute
  • United Way

Location and contact information:

1200 Callowhill St.
Suite 102
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 923-0218

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Pros And Cons Of Pennsylvania Free And Private Rehab Centers

Here are some factors to consider when choosing between free or private rehabilitation.

Pros of free rehab:

  • available throughout the state
  • provides effective treatment methods
  • free or minimal costs

Cons of free rehab:

  • long waiting period
  • programs may provide a minimal amount of time
  • generalized treatment plans

There are some pros and cons to choosing private rehab facilities in the state.

Pros of private rehab:

  • treatment plans are determined individually
  • a wider selection of services
  • new and up-to-date facilities
  • more payment options

Cons of private rehab:

  • the waiting list for admission
  • may be out of state
  • may come with higher costs

What Financing Options Are There For Rehab In Pennsylvania?

Many payment options are offered at treatment facilities depending on your needs.

Some of the payment options at different addiction treatment centers include:

  • government funding
  • a sliding scale fee plan
  • non-profits
  • loans
  • private health insurance
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare

Free Rehab Centers In Pennsylvania FAQs

Weigh out your options when looking for free addiction treatment programs, and decide what is best for you or your loved one. Here are some questions to think about.

What Type Of Drug Addiction Treatment Is Available At A Free Rehab Center In Pennsylvania?

Free addiction treatment centers may offer drug and alcohol treatment, MAT, intensive outpatient care, partial hospitalization plans, or co-occurring disorder treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pennsylvania Free Drug Rehab Program?

Many treatment facilities offer health care for mothers or pregnant women who have nowhere to turn.

Other groups who may be able to access specialized treatment plans include LGBTQ-identifying individuals, veterans, executives, first responders, nurses, and more.

Proven methods are usually used for treatment, and facilities often let mothers bring their young children.

What Is The Typical Length Of Stay At A Free Drug Rehabilitation Facility In Pennsylvania?

Many treatment facilities provide healthcare based on individual health issues and those determine the length of stay.

Residential treatment lasts longer than detox or a partial hospitalization plan. However, many people may need behavioral health treatment that involves longer care.

Sober living and group therapy can last up to a year or longer.

Find Free Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Pennsylvania

People sometimes fall through the cracks and don’t get the help they require. Free and low-cost treatment options for drug abuse can provide help to those in need.

If you or a loved one are looking for a recovery program or need a referral, don’t wait to contact our helpline and get the assistance you need.

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