4 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Dearborn, Michigan

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Free and low-cost rehab centers in Dearborn, Michigan, provide addiction treatment services for people with little or no financial resources. A treatment center can fund these rehab programs through government agencies or private donors.

4 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan, is a suburb of Detroit and home to several free Michigan addiction treatment centers that provide services for people who couldn’t otherwise afford care.

These rehab programs typically offer a combination of evidence-based and holistic care.

List Of Free Drug Rehab Centers In Dearborn, Michigan

Below is a list of free and low-cost rehab centers in Dearborn, MI. Each treatment center on this list has met quality standards including accreditation, licensure, Google ratings, or other marks.

1. Arab American And Chaldean Council (ACC), Dearborn, Michigan

The ACC is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for addiction treatment in Dearborn, MI to Arab communities as well as the general population.

The ACC provides education, therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment and accepts government funding, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance.

Location and contact information:

13840 W. Warren
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 584-7287

2. American Indian Health & Family Services (AIHFS) Detroit, Michigan

American Indian Health & Family Services (AIHFS) Detroit, Michigan Free Rehab Centers

The AIHFS provides community services and behavioral health services and substance abuse treatment in Detroit, MI.

This medical center serves Indigenous peoples by incorporating medicinal and spiritual practices unique to their culture with western medicine.

They are a Federally Qualified Health Center, licensed by the state of Michigan, and CARF-accredited.

The AIHFS accepts:

  • government funds
  • Indian Health Services/Tribal/Urban (ITU) funds
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • military insurance
  • private health insurance

Location and contact information:

4880 Lawndale St.
Detroit, MI 48210
(313) 846-3718

3. CareFirst Community Health Services, Detroit, Michigan

CareFirst Community Health Services provides dual diagnosis addiction treatment near Highland Park, MI. This treatment center is licensed by the state and accredited through CARF.

Treatment services include:

  • individual counseling
  • recovery support services
  • group didactic therapy
  • individualized treatment plans
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • family therapy

CareFirst accepts government funding, private health insurance, and Medicare.

Location and contact information:

8097 Decatur St.
Detroit, MI 48228
(313) 846-5020

4. Latino Family Services, Detroit, Michigan

Latino Family Services, Detroit, Michigan Free Rehab Centers

Latino Family Services provides substance abuse services for people who need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction near Dearborn Heights, MI.

This facility is accredited by CARF, the Council on Accreditation (COA), and has many other licenses and certifications.

Treatment services include substance abuse counseling and an Alcohol Anonymous (AA) group. They also have youth services and partnerships with church programs.

Latino Family Services accepts government, Medicaid, Medicare, military insurance, and private health insurance.

Location and contact information:

1145 Lawndale St.
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 279-3232

How To Get Free Rehab Services In Dearborn, Michigan

If you need free treatment services for drug and alcohol addiction in Dearborn, MI, you can find them at a recovery center that is funded through sources other than the client.

Funding sources for free and low-cost drug and alcohol treatment include:

  • Tricare, Medicare, or Michigan Medicaid for addiction treatment
  • government agencies such as the Indian Health Service (IHS) or the state mental health department
  • grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • private health insurance plans
  • private individual and business donors

Funds from any of these sources can enable a treatment facility to provide payment assistance such as a sliding fee scale.

What Services Are Offered At Dearborn, Michigan, Free Rehab Centers?

Treatment services at a Dearborn, MI, free rehab facility can include various essential services depending on what the treatment center has funding for.

Treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse can include settings such as:

  • inpatient
  • outpatient
  • medical detox
  • intensive outpatient program (PHP)
  • partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • long-term residential treatment
  • aftercare

An inpatient or outpatient recovery program can incorporate many treatment services.

These treatment services can include:

  • healthcare
  • mental health and behavioral health services
  • therapy
  • addiction education
  • vocation or life skills training
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • support groups
  • recovery coaching

What If I Can’t Find A Free Rehab Program In Dearborn, Michigan?

If you can’t find a free and low-cost rehab program in Dearborn, MI, you have only to look next door to Detroit.

If for some reason those do not work out, you can try joining a local 12-step group in your area. These groups provide peer-facilitated accountability and support.

FAQs About Free Addiction Care In Dearborn, Michigan

If you want to know more about free and low-cost addiction treatment in Dearborn, MI, please read through the frequently asked questions below.

You can find pet-friendly treatment centers in the United States, but they are rare.

Check with the recovery center that you are considering to see if they are willing to accommodate you and your pet.

Yes, you can find free addiction treatment for benzodiazepines and other depressants in Dearborn, MI.

There has been a lot of attention given to the opioid epidemic, but most rehab centers include other substance use disorders in their treatment.

You can find free or low-cost dual diagnosis treatment in or around Dearborn, MI.

Initial assessments at most rehab centers will also evaluate you for early signs of a co-occurring mental health disorder to ensure you receive comprehensive care.

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