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Maine has high-quality resources for treating alcohol and drug abuse. For people that are unable to pay for treatment, there are free drug and alcohol abuse programs in Maine that can be accessed through non-profits, Medicaid, and federal grants.

Free Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Maine

Alcohol and drug abuse have impacted many people throughout the state of Maine. When addiction treatment programs have a high cost, it can be a significant barrier to people seeking help.

But for people that need and want help, access to substance abuse treatment does not need to be a financial obstacle.

In Maine, there are many quality treatment facilities, and some of them offer free or reduced-cost treatment options.

Find additional free treatment options throughout the U.S.

Is There Free Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Maine?

There are a number of quality mental health and addiction treatment services in Maine and throughout New England.

Free rehab centers in Maine can offer:

  • outpatient rehab
  • inpatient residential treatment
  • withdrawal management
  • drug and alcohol detox programs
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • individual and group therapy
  • gender-specific programs
  • pregnancy and single mother specific programs
  • partial hospitalization programs
  • recovery support services
  • case or aftercare management
  • peer support

How Can I Get Free Treatment In Maine?

In general, the facilities in Maine that offer reduced-cost or free rehab treatment are non-profit drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

Private rehab facilities may also receive government funding and accept Medicaid (MaineCare) to qualify as “reduced-cost”.

People may qualify for grants or reduced-cost programs on the basis of their personal or financial situation.

People that choose free alcohol and drug rehab centers are often able to receive no-cost treatment because of the facilities’ funding.

Government grants, scholarships, and private donations can all offset the cost of addiction treatment.

Maine State Grants For Addiction Treatment

Maine can offer state grants for select substance abuse treatment through the state Department of Health and Human Services. These grants help people cover the cost of approved addiction treatment.

A popular source of government funding at the state level comes through federal grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

SAMHSA’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG) helps people with financial barriers get the help they need.

The SABG grant may be used for:

  • pregnant women and women with dependent children
  • primary prevention care
  • people that take intravenous drugs
  • early intervention for HIV/AIDS
  • people needing tuberculosis care

Maine Medicaid (MaineCare) Can Cover The Cost Of Rehab

There are several high-quality detox and rehab centers in Maine that will accept MaineCare to reduce the cost of care.

MaineCare recipients may get free treatment but may incur copays or service fees. MaineCare does have a specific set of qualifications.

A person may be eligible for MaineCare if they are:

  • a resident of the state of Maine
  • a U.S. national, citizen, permanent resident, or legal alien
  • in need of health care or insurance assistance
  • at least 150% of the federal poverty level

AND meet one of the following:

  • pregnant
  • responsible for a minor child 18 years of age or younger
  • blind
  • have a disability or have a household family member with a disability
  • are 65 years of age or older

List Of Free Rehab Centers In Maine

The following are a few of the free drug and alcohol rehab centers in Maine. Treatment centers were selected based on facility accreditation, certification, positive reviews, and more.

1. Pine Tree Recovery Center, Portland, Maine

Pine Tree Recovery Center offers a full range of addiction and recovery treatment. They offer a sliding-scale fee structure and partial scholarships for those in need.

They also accept MaineCare Pine Tree Recovery Center has an impressive 4.9 star rating on Google with 53 reviews. They are nationally accredited by the Joint Commission.

Treatment services available at this rehab facility include:

  • 12-step program
  • addiction treatment
  • alcohol rehab
  • substance use rehab and detox
  • depression therapy
  • detox program
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • medication-assisted detox
  • pain management
  • art therapy
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • individual, couple, and support group therapy

Location and contact information:

17 Bishop Street
Portland, ME 04103
(207) 618-9611

2. Wellspring, Bangor, Maine

Wellspring offers inpatient drug rehab and outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. All programs have a “pay as you are able” sliding-scale financial model with a maximum daily cost of $10/day.

Wellspring has dedicated, separate gender-specific inpatient treatment facilities, an outpatient program, and short-term detox.

Part of their mission is to never deny treatment on the basis of financial ability.

It has positive online reviews and a holistic treatment philosophy. Inpatient programs typically last 4-6 months.

Addiction services available at this treatment facility include:

  • short-term inpatient detox
  • gender-specific inpatient/residential treatment
  • individual and group counseling
  • specialized treatment and medical consultation for clients
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • case management
  • 12-step program

Location and contact information:

255 Hammond St.
Bangor, ME 04401
(207) 941-1612

3. Tri-County Mental Health, Rumford, Maine

Tri-County Mental Health Services have resources for low-cost and free substance abuse treatment. They accept MaineCare and are dedicated to helping people throughout the state of Maine.

With six locations throughout the state, Tri-County offers outpatient services and intensive opioid health services called Opioid Health Home (OHH).

Tri-County Mental Health has:

  • individualized treatment plans
  • care for co-occurring disorders
  • medication-assisted treatment
  • care management
  • individual, peer, and group counseling
  • driver education and evaluation programs (DEEP) treatment for state-mandated DWI programs

Location and contact information:

49 Congress St.
Rumford, ME 04276
(888) 304-4673

4. Carpe Diem Behavioral Associates, Lewiston, Maine

Carpe Diem is an outpatient-only detox center that offers a range of intensive therapies, medication-assisted treatments, and follow-up care. They offer a sliding scale fee structure and accept MaineCare.

Carpe Diem has overwhelmingly positive online reviews as one of the few medical detox programs in the state.

Some available addiction therapies and services include:

  • medication-assisted treatment (Suboxone/Buprenorphine)
  • detox from opioids, benzodiazepines, alcohol, methamphetamines, and cocaine
  • rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy
  • anger management
  • motivational interviewing
  • relapse prevention
  • group therapy
  • family counseling
  • aftercare/discharge planning

Location and contact information:

1525 Lisbon St.
Lewiston, ME 04240
(207) 241-7959

5. St. Mary’s Health System (D4), Lewistion, Maine

St. Mary’s hospital-based detox center accepts MaineCare and has a sliding-scale fee structure. It is a non-profit hospital with a full staff of clinicians to assist.

The combination of inpatient detox and intensive outpatient program helps people in need of immediate, but lasting change.

Services available at this addiction center include:

  • short-term inpatient detox
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • treatment for co-occurring disorders

Location and contact information:

93 Campus Ave.
Lewiston, ME 04240
(207) 777-8700

Pros And Cons Of Maine Rehab Centers

There are factors to consider when looking at free (or lower cost) drug and alcohol rehab programs in Maine. Most considerations revolve around cost, wait times, and available options.

Pros of free rehab:

  • safe, standardized care
  • free or low-cost treatment
  • science-backed treatment from trained staff

Cons of free rehab:

  • some have long waitlists
  • fewer resources
  • fewer treatments and alternative therapies

There are also considerable factors to look at when deciding upon private rehab centers in Maine.

Pros of private rehab:

  • often more luxurious treatment facilities or better food
  • favorable staff-to-patient ratio
  • often provides more variety of treatments like yoga, holistic, or behavioral therapies

typically accept many private insurance plans.

Cons of private rehab:

  • can be long waitlists for good treatment centers
  • can be out of state or far from home
  • can be out of pocket or be out of network

What Financing Options Are Available For Rehab In Maine?

If you don’t qualify for free recovery programs, there are still treatment options available.

Some of the payment options at many rehab centers include:

  • a sliding scale fee structure
  • private health insurance
  • state and federal government programs and grants
  • alumni rates
  • private and public scholarships
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare

Free Rehab Centers In Maine FAQs

To make the best decision for your needs and the needs of your loved ones, we’ve included some answers to typical questions asked about alcohol and drug abuse programs in Maine.

What Type Of Drug Addiction Treatment Is Available At A Free Rehab Center In Maine?

Treatment available at free drug and alcohol addiction centers may include many standard treatments.

These could include intensive outpatient programs, opioid treatment, medication-assisted therapy, substance detoxification, and others.

What Are The Benefits Of A Free Drug Rehab Program In Maine?

A free drug rehab program provides quality treatment without a financial burden. People that need treatment and want help will not be turned away because of financial inability.

Some free treatment centers help people with complex social situations, like single mothers, pregnant women, people with housing insecurity, and other needs.

How Long Can I Stay At A Free Drug Rehabilitation Facility In Maine?

Some rehab facilities can work with you for over a year in low-intensity outpatient facilities.

However, a typical inpatient detox visit may last between a week and three weeks. Some inpatient programs may extend for several months on a case-by-case basis.

Find Free Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Maine

If you or a loved one struggles with drug use or alcohol abuse, help is available. For many people, financial barriers prevent them from seeking an addiction treatment center.

However, with low-cost and free treatment options available in Maine, it is possible to live a sober life.

Call our treatment helpline for more information about the right free or reduced-cost rehab center for you in the state of Maine.

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