3 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Ankeny, Iowa

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People seeking substance use disorder (SUD) treatment in Ankeny, Iowa, can find affordable and low-cost treatment at rehab centers in the area. These facilities accept Medicaid and Medicare, provide sliding fee scales, and more.

3 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Ankeny, Iowa

Free drug rehab centers in Iowa help people of all creeds and backgrounds, regardless of financial ability, receive quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Substance abuse treatment at these facilities involves therapies, detoxification programs, and many other treatment modalities at various levels of care.

List Of Free Drug Rehab Centers Near Ankeny, IA

Each of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in the list below was mentioned for their slew of earned accreditations, certifications, high Google ratings, and other marks of quality care.

1. Bridges Of Iowa, Ankeny, Iowa

Bridges Of Iowa, Ankeny, Iowa

This low-cost addiction treatment center in Ankeny, IA, provides halfway housing, vocational programs, and a supportive community for those in need of substance rehabilitation.

Treatment options at this rehab facility include:

  • group therapy
  • one-on-one counseling
  • health and wellness courses
  • community service initiative programs
  • access to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups
  • vocational and educational programs
  • supportive housing
  • referrals
  • drug testing
  • outpatient treatment

This facility accepts Iowa Medicaid and Medicare health insurance and bears 25+ positive client testimonials on Google.

Location and contact information:

3510 NW. Abilene Rd.
Ankeny, IA 50023
(515) 963-9815

2. Children And Families Of Iowa, Des Moines, IA

This drug and alcohol rehab center is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is committed to providing affordable SUD treatment to those in need.

This drug and alcohol treatment program in Des Moines, IA, offers:

  • continuing care
  • extended outpatient programs
  • urinalysis testing
  • referrals
  • intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • adolescent-specific drug and alcohol rehab programs
  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy
  • parent-child trauma therapy
  • behavioral health intervention services

This rehabilitation center provides evidence-based treatment modalities and bears positive client ratings and reviews on Google.

Location and contact information:

1111 University Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50314
(515) 288-1981

3. MercyOne House Of Mercy, Des Moines, IA

MercyOne: House Of Mercy, Des Moines, Iowa

This drug and alcohol treatment facility in Des Moines, IA, accepts Medicaid health insurance in an effort to render treatment affordable for those who need it.

This rehab facility provides drug addiction treatment in the form of:

  • preventative care
  • extended outpatient care
  • IOP
  • individualized treatment options
  • case management
  • 12-step meetings
  • therapy services
  • dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • medication management
  • life skills and daily living support

Marks of quality care at this rehab center include:

  • status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit rehabilitation facility
  • accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • a 4.4-star Google rating to accompany 5+ published reviews

Location and contact information:

1409 Clark St.
Des Moines, IA 50314
(515) 643-6500

How To Get Free Rehab Services In Ankeny, Iowa

There are a number of ways to acquire free drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in the state of Iowa.

Federal Funding

Federal funding for substance abuse treatment is available through grants and programs like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Public Resources

In Iowa, public resources for addiction treatment may include services provided by local health departments, community-based organizations, and nonprofit organizations.

State Health Insurance

Iowa’s Medicaid program provides coverage for substance abuse treatment services to eligible low-income individuals. Some private insurance plans may also cover these services.

Private Donations And Scholarships

Private donations and scholarships may be available from foundations, organizations, and individual donors to help individuals pay for addiction treatment.

State-Run Rehab Centers

The state of Iowa operates several rehabilitation centers that provide substance abuse treatment services, including detoxification, residential treatment, and outpatient services.

These centers may offer services on a sliding fee scale based on income and other factors.

What Treatment Services Are Offered At Ankeny, IA, Free Rehab Centers?

Free or low-cost drug rehab centers in Iowa provide a wide range of mental and behavioral health treatment services.

Drug and alcohol treatment services at free rehab centers near Ankeny, IA, may include:

  • outpatient programs
  • inpatient programs
  • individual and group counseling
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • evidence-based therapeutic programs
  • IOP
  • residential rehab
  • aftercare programs
  • peer support services
  • access to counseling groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • vocational training programs
  • drug and alcohol addiction education
  • temporary or permanent supportive housing
  • treatment for mental and behavioral health disorders
  • dual diagnosis treatment

What If I Can’t Find A Free Addiction Treatment Center In Ankeny, Iowa?

If the drug rehab centers in Ankeny, IA, do not meet your or a loved one’s specific needs, alternative options for addiction treatment may be available in nearby cities.

Rehabilitation centers in Des Moines, West Des Moines, and other nearby locations can provide support for those struggling with chemical dependency at an affordable cost or for free.

FAQs About Free Addiction Treatment Programs Near Ankeny, Iowa

Find answers in the list below to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning drug and alcohol rehab centers that provide free or low-cost treatment in Ankeny, IA.

Yes, there are LGBT-friendly rehab centers in Ankeny, IA, that do not discriminate against their clients on the basis of sexual orientation or anything else, such as religion, creed, or race.

These rehab centers are able to benefit members of the LGBT community by providing access to tools and resources that address stigmas faced by LGBT people in the world of rehab treatment.

While not every drug and alcohol treatment center is licensed to accept state health insurance, which includes Medicaid, TRICARE, and Medicare.

However, there are a number of drug rehab centers that accept Medicaid in Iowa, some of which are located in Ankeny.

You may be able to bring a service animal to a pet-friendly drug rehab center in Ankeny, IA, but each treatment facility has different policies regarding animal acceptance.

In this case, it would be best to verify with your selected rehab center prior to enrollment to ensure that your and your pet’s needs can be accommodated.

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