3 Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Rockford, Illinois

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People can start their addiction recovery journey for little to no cost at free rehab centers in Rockford, Illinois. Clients are offered mental health therapy, support groups, and transitional services to aid a full recovery.

3 Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Rockford, Illinois

Thousands of people every year seek drug addiction help. Some can receive reduced-price or no-cost treatment at free rehabilitation centers in Illinois.

Rockford, IL, residents have several facility options when in need of free or low-cost services for substance use disorders. Read on to learn more.

List Of Free Addiction Treatment Centers In Rockford, Illinois

The following Rockford, IL, addiction recovery facilities are all accredited by the Joint Commission and accept Medicaid, a low-cost health insurance program.

1. Remedies Renewing Lives, Rockford, Illinois

Remedies Renewing Lives, Rockford, Illinoi

Remedies Renewing Lives is an addiction treatment center in Rockford, IL, offering outpatient services to adults, young adults, and pregnant women.

Clients can pay for treatment via:

  • a sliding fee scale
  • government funding
  • public health insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid

Clients can also receive payment assistance for services such as medication-assisted treatment, monitoring for withdrawal, and counseling.

Location and contact information:

215 Easton Pkwy.
Rockford, IL 61108
(815) 966-1285

2. Rosecrance Inc. Harrison Adult Campus/Health Center, Rockford, Illinois

Rosecrance Inc. Harrison Adult Campus/Health Center, Rockford, Illinois

Rosecrance Inc. provides several levels of substance abuse care in two Rockford, IL, treatment centers. Their Harrison Avenue location offers many treatment options for adults.

Treatment services include:

  • short-term and long-term residential programs
  • day treatment
  • intensive outpatient programs
  • partial hospitalization
  • standard outpatient treatment
  • medical detox

Payment options include public health insurance and government funding. The center has experience helping veterans, LGBTQ people, and people with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Location and contact information:

3815 Harrison Ave.
Rockford, IL 61108
(815) 391-1000

3. Rosecrance Inc. Monarch Homes/Outpatient, Rockford, Illinois

Rosecrance Inc. Monarch Homes/Outpatient, Rockford, Illinois

Rosecrance Inc. offers an outpatient treatment center and sober living home to people who have completed residential treatment or have mild substance use disorders.

Age groups include:

  • children and adolescents
  • young adults
  • adults

Clients can undergo trauma-informed counseling, support from 12-step programs, and motivational interviewing.

Location and contact information:

1601 N. University Dr.
Rockford, IL 61107
(815) 391-1000

How To Access Free Substance Abuse Treatment In Rockford, Illinois

People with limited resources can find accessible addiction treatment services in Rockford, IL, via block grant funding or public health programs.

SABG Funds

Over $63 million is projected to be provided to the state of Illinois in the form of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grants (SABG).

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) funds these grants so that people can access detox, outpatient, and inpatient services through drug rehab programs.

These block grants include:

  • State Targeted Response Grants to the Opioid Crisis Grants
  • Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness Grants
  • Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Grants

HFS Medical Programs

Several mental health, substance abuse, and routine health services can be covered through programs provided by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).

These programs can help:

  • adults ages 19 to 64 with limited incomes
  • people who are disabled or blind
  • former foster care children

What To Do If You Can’t Access Free Addiction Recovery Services In Rockford, Illinois

Some people may choose to recover from substance abuse outside of Rockford, IL, if a specific type of service isn’t available in Rockford rehab centers or if these centers are full.

People can look into addiction treatment centers in Belvidere, IL, Freeport, or Naperville for low-cost evidence-based services.

Call and ask these rehab centers if they offer any payment assistance, such as sliding fee scales or payment installment plans.

Treatment Services Offered By Free Drug Treatment Centers In Rockford, Illinois

Clients of free treatment centers in Rockford, IL, receive help for emotional health, social development, and transitioning back to life after treatment is completed.

Recovery services offered by free drug rehab centers in Rockford include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • relapse prevention skills
  • group and individual therapy
  • addiction treatment for people who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • case management
  • employment assistance
  • drug screenings
  • couples counseling
  • methadone, buprenorphine, and Campral medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • HIV testing
  • anger management groups
  • discharge planning
  • recovery coaches
  • peer support

FAQs About Free Drug Addiction Treatment Centers In Rockford, Illinois

Exploring treatment centers in Rockford, IL, may leave you with some questions regarding the specifics of addiction recovery.

We’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions below to help you in your search.

Veterans of combat commonly experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including flashbacks and nightmares of high-stress events.

Dual diagnosis treatment offered by drug rehab facilities in Rockford, IL, and other state-supported services help veterans manage PTSD without drug or alcohol use.

Many people entering addiction rehabilitation centers in the United States are proud pet owners. Animal companions have been a shining light for many in active addiction.

Pet-friendly drug rehab centers allow some pets to accompany clients in treatment. However, these types of facilities are rare.

Call the drug rehab centers in Rockford, IL, you’re interested in to inquire about their pet policies.

Millions of Americans every year utilize state-managed Medicaid programs, which aim to help people in financial hardship access treatment services.

All of the above-listed free addiction rehab facilities accept Illinois Medicaid and other government-funded health insurance plans as payment.

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