3 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Fort Smith, Arkansas

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The cost of addiction care often prevents people from seeking treatment. However, several rehab centers offer free or low-cost options. These may include inpatient care, outpatient care, sober living environments, and medication-assisted treatment.

3 Free And Low-Cost Rehab Centers In Fort Smith, Arkansas

While Arkansas has many treatment programs for people who experience drug abuse, some people do not seek to get help due to a lack of payment options.

Fortunately, the state of Arkansas has free rehab centers, including some free drug and alcohol treatment programs in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

List Of Free Drug Rehab Centers In Fort Smith, Arkansas

Some recovery centers offer free or discounted drug addiction treatment options with the help of donations, government funding, and programs such as Medicaid.

The following free and reduced-cost rehab programs were selected based on signs of quality, including high ratings from clients, accreditation, and status as a nonprofit.

1. Gateway Recovery Center For Women, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Gateway Recovery Center is a branch of Harbor House, another rehab center in Fort Smith, AR. Gateway focuses specifically on women, including women who are pregnant or have children.

Addiction services are offered through a residential treatment program and a transitional sober living environment.

This accredited program accepts donations, which may reduce the costs of treatment for eligible participants.

Location and contact information:

615 N. 19th St.
Fort Smith, AR 72914
(479) 785-4083

2. Harbor House Substance Abuse Treatment, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Harbor House is an accredited addiction treatment facility that receives high ratings from clients.

They accept many private health insurance plans, and they accept donations, which may reduce the cost of treatment for some clients.

Treatment services at Harbor House include:

  • standard outpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • residential care for men and women
  • services for pregnant women and their children
  • gambling addiction treatment
  • smoking cessation
  • dual diagnosis treatment for people with co-occurring mental health disorders
  • aftercare
  • transitional housing

Location and contact information:

620 S. 21st St.
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 785-4083

3. Western Arkansas Counseling And Guidance Center, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Western Arkansas Counseling And Guidance Center, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center is a nonprofit, accredited provider of mental health services.

Its addiction services include individual therapy, group therapy, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and other forms of support for both adults and adolescents.

Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center offers payment assistance plans and does not turn anyone away due to an inability to pay.

Location and contact information:

3111 S. 70th St.
Fort Smith, AR 72903
(479) 452-6650

How To Get Free Rehab Services In Fort Smith, Arkansas

People with substance use disorders may find free and low-cost addiction care in Fort Smith, AR via different means.

Here you’ll find some common ways in which treatment centers offer reduced-cost services.

Government Grants

Many nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment centers accept grants from government organizations.

For instance, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provided grant money for Arkansas treatment centers in 2021.

Grants may be used for a variety of expenses, and some rehab centers use this funding to reduce treatment costs for individual clients.

Private Grants And Donations

Some free rehab centers in Fort Smith, AR offer their services through the support of private grants and donations.

Like government organizations, nonprofit fundraising organizations provide funds for drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Likewise, many rehab centers accept donations from individuals and corporations in the community, which can also lower the cost of addiction care.

Medicare And Arkansas Medicaid

Medicaid is a healthcare assistance program funded by individual states as well as the federal government.

In Arkansas, people whose earnings can be designated “low income” or “very low income” are eligible for Arkansas Medicaid if they meet one of four other requirements.

These requirements are:

  • being pregnant
  • being responsible for a child under the age of 18
  • having a disability
  • having a household member with a disability

People who are at least 65 years old, have end-stage renal disease, have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease), or are otherwise disabled may apply for Medicare.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that supports older adults in the United States.

What Services Are Offered At Fort Smith, Arkansas Free Rehab Centers?

Free drug and alcohol rehab centers in Fort Smith, AR may offer various treatment types.

Some provide inpatient drug addiction treatment, which requires the client to stay at the facility for 30 days or more while they receive care.

Others offer outpatient programs, such as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.
Some drug rehab programs provide both inpatient and outpatient care.

Within these programs, some common treatments include:

  • medical detoxification (detox)
  • individual therapy
  • group therapy and support groups
  • MAT

What If I Can’t Find A Free Rehab Program In Fort Smith, Arkansas?

If you cannot find a free rehab center in Fort Smith, AR, you may still be able to lower the costs of addiction treatment.

Some possibilities include:

  • attending a state-funded program
  • attending a faith-based program
  • participating in a free 12-step group such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • checking your eligibility for government assistance
  • choosing a program with a sliding-fee scale
  • applying for financial assistance from an addiction treatment center

FAQs About Free Addiction Care In Fort Smith, Arkansas

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, you may have questions about your options.

Here you’ll find answers to common questions about addiction treatment in Fort Smith, AR.

Though not all free rehab centers in Fort Worth, AR provide medical detox services, some do.

You might consider detox if you have an addiction to heroin or other opioids, or if you have an addiction to alcohol.

Likewise, people with benzodiazepine addiction can also benefit from detox, as this type of medication requires a gradual tapering process.

Many free and low-cost rehab centers in Fort Smith do treat withdrawal symptoms, which are symptoms that may occur when a person stops using drugs.

Some drugs create a particularly difficult withdrawal process. Heroin withdrawal, for example, may cause intense discomfort.

However, withdrawal management methods are available. Medical detox, long-term MAT, and cognitive behavioral therapy can help.

You can call the rehab facilities helpline to ask about their withdrawal management strategies.

Substance abuse disorder occurs when the brain and body become dependent on a euphoria-producing drug.

You may need addiction treatment if you are worried about your drug use, have tried to stop taking drugs without success, or continue to use drugs in spite of negative consequences.

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