Cost Of Vyvanse (Street Price)

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Vyvanse is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that is sometimes bought on the street. The street price of Vyvanse can range from $3 to $30 per tablet, depending on location and other factors.

Cost Of Vyvanse (Street Price)

Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) is a stimulant prodrug that treats attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and binge eating disorder (BED).

As a prodrug, it converts to dextroamphetamine, one of the active ingredients in Adderall, within a person’s body after they take the medication.

Vyvanse is particularly addictive for people who do not have ADHD, and as such, it is a Schedule II controlled substance. However, it is sometimes sold on the street, and its street prices vary.

The Street Price Of Vyvanse

On the street, individual Vyvanse tablets sell for as little as $3 or as much as $30, depending on several factors.

However, these prices are based on averages, and some people who take Vyvanse illegally may pay more or less for this prescription medication.

Factors That Influence The Street Cost Of Vyvanse

Multiple factors impact the cost of street drugs, including ADHD medications such as Vyvanse.

Dose size is perhaps the biggest contributing factor. For example, Vyvanse comes in doses from 20 milligrams (mg) to 70 mg, as capsules and chewable tablets.

Dosage Price
20 mg $3 - $5
70 mg $30

Other factors include location, demand, and availability, as well as whether the drug is genuine or a counterfeit drug, which may be laced with fentanyl or other substances.

In August 2023, a generic version of Vyvanse became available, which may further impact its street value on the black market.

In many cases, brand name prescription drugs cost more than their generic counterparts.

Side Effects Of Vyvanse Abuse

Vyvanse abuse can lead to several unwanted health effects, many of which are similar to the side effects of other stimulants, such as amphetamine and methylphenidate.

Some side effects of Vyvanse misuse include:

  • dry mouth
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • heart problems such as high blood pressure and elevated heart rate
  • heart attack
  • stomach problems such as constipation
  • serotonin syndrome, particularly in those who take antidepressants
  • psychosis
  • insomnia

Additionally, when Vyvanse is laced with other drugs such as Xanax or fentanyl, a person taking this drug has a heightened risk of overdose and death.

Why People Buy Prescription Stimulant Medications On The Street

People may buy prescription stimulants on the street for multiple reasons. In some cases, the prescription drug becomes unavailable to people with a prescription, and they may turn to the black market.

Though these medications can be taken appropriately by people with ADHD, BED, or narcolepsy, they are also often taken for inappropriate reasons by people with or without these conditions.

For instance, some people take them as “smart drugs” or “study drugs” in an effort to enhance their performance at work or school.

Others take them as party drugs, seeking heightened energy and euphoria.

Furthermore, because stimulants such as Vyvanse can cause appetite reduction, some people may buy them when trying to lose weight.

Addiction Treatment Options

People experiencing Vyvanse addiction have several treatment options. For instance, they may attend an addiction treatment center and seek the appropriate level of care for their needs.

The most common levels of care for Vyvanse addiction are:

Long-term mental health treatment, such as individual behavioral therapy and support groups, can also help people with addictions maintain sobriety.

A healthcare professional can refer you to the right program for your needs.

Find Substance Abuse Treatment Today

Addiction is a life-threatening disorder, but treatment is available, and people do recover from stimulant abuse.

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