Cost Of Meth (Street Price)

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Methamphetamine is a stimulant that is illicitly used to induce feelings of euphoria and energy. The street price of this drug fluctuates due to a variety of factors. People with a meth addiction can achieve recovery through specialized treatment programs.

Cost Of Meth (Street Price)

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, is a powerful and highly addictive central nervous system stimulant.

Meth is often referred to by various street names such as “crystal,” “crystal meth,” “ice,” and “glass.” The brand name pharmaceutical version of meth is called Desoxyn.

Originally synthesized in Japan in the early 20th century, meth was later used therapeutically to treat conditions like obesity and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

However, due to the high potential of meth abuse, its medical use is now limited to specific cases of narcolepsy and, in some countries, severe obesity.

Chasing the “high” of this Schedule II controlled substance comes at a cost, as meth use is associated with a range of serious health problems, as well as risk of run-ins with law enforcement.

Street Price Of Methamphetamine

Meth increases the release of dopamine in the brain, leading to intense feelings of euphoria and increased energy.

Short-term effects of using meth can include increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, decreased appetite, and hyperactivity.

People who abuse meth may do so to increase their feelings of energy, confidence, and sociability.

When purchasing methamphetamine off the black market or the streets, the most common form found is either the crystal form or the powder form.

Dosage Price
1 g $10 - $400
1 Tablet $4 - $35

Price Of Crystal Meth

The crystalline form of meth, commonly referred to as crystal meth, is the result of laboratory processing and is the purest form of methamphetamine.

Much of the crystal meth found on the streets is typically sourced from Mexico, where it is cheaper to make, as well as from the United States.

Price Of The Powder Form Of Meth

The powdered form of meth is usually pressed into pills or tablets. Powdered meth tablets can be found on the streets being sold as prescription single dose Adderall pills.

These counterfeit tablets are chemically altered to include high-potency doses of methamphetamine.

Due to most forms of powdered meth being produced outside of the U.S., primarily in Mexico, acquiring the drug illegally on the streets has shown a pattern of accessibility in recent years.

Factors That Influence The Street Cost Of Meth

There are several underlying factors that can influence fluctuations in the price of meth on the black market.

Some of these influencing factors include:

  • location of sale
  • manufacturing process
  • supply and demand in the black market
  • quantity/volume of purchase
  • purity level of the meth

The rise in the production of methamphetamine outside of the United States has made it easier and cheaper to acquire the drug here on the streets.

Mexican drug cartels participate in illegal drug trafficking, bringing meth and other illicit substances to the American black market.

Hidden Costs Of Buying Street Meth

The hidden costs of using meth are numerous, and increase with the riskiness of the illicit market.

Methamphetamine abuse can take a severe physical and mental toll on a person.

Long-term use can result in the following:

  • dental problems
  • skin problems
  • extreme weight loss
  • paranoia
  • hallucinations

People often suffer from “meth mouth,” marked by extensive tooth decay, gum disease, and loss of teeth. This is due to the drug’s acidic nature and effects on saliva production.

Skin problems are prevalent, with people experiencing intense itching, sores, and a rapid aging appearance. Side effects like terrifying hallucinations and paranoia can lead to violent behavior.

Prolonged drug abuse involving methamphetamine is linked to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and cognitive deficits.

The risk of meth overdose is substantial, especially when cut with fentanyl on the street, and can result in hyperthermia, cardiovascular complications, seizures, and, in extreme cases, death.

Treatment Programs For Drug Addiction

Chronic methamphetamine use can lead to addiction, and people who use meth may engage in compulsive drug-seeking behavior despite negative consequences to their well-being.

Abusing meth and other illicit substances poses serious health risks and can have devastating effects on both physical and mental health.

Treatment programs at licensed rehab centers offer a variety of healthcare services to provide people who are struggling with meth addiction with tools they can use to get back their health.

Inpatient programs and medical detox are proven to help people safely stop using meth and other illicit drugs and get on the path to recovery.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and group or individual therapies can also provide much-needed care for people who are seeking long-term sobriety from drug use.

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