What Should I Bring To Detox?

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Detoxification can last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on several factors. The rules on what you’re allowed to bring to a detox program will differ depending on the facility.

What Should I Bring To Detox?

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be a harrowing, difficult experience, even in a medical setting.

To help enhance the comfort of their clients, most detox centers will allow people to bring an array of personal items with them to detoxification.

Knowing what you can bring with you during the detox process is one of the many ways you can prepare for addiction treatment.

The Detox Admissions Process

Before detoxification and withdrawal symptom management will begin, clients will first have to undergo a rigorous admissions process at the detox center.

When you arrive on-site, all of your belongings will likely be inspected to ensure that there are no illicit substances or other inappropriate items.

A series of assessments will also be conducted by a medical professional to determine the most appropriate treatment plan to meet your needs.

Items You Can Bring To Drug And Alcohol Detox

If you or your loved one is packing for an inpatient detox program, you may be wondering what is and isn’t allowed.

While specific items that are allowed will vary from facility to facility, there are some items that are generally acceptable in detox programs.

Some of these personal items include:

  • health insurance card
  • appropriate reading materials
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • alcohol-free toiletries
  • flip flops
  • unopened prescription medications
  • undergarments
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • lotion
  • shirts, shoes, pants
  • pajamas
  • journal or notebook
  • credit card, checkbook, or debit card
  • photos of family and friends
  • alarm clock without a radio
  • comb
  • phone numbers of family members
  • deodorant

To get a more accurate picture of what you’re allowed to bring to an inpatient or outpatient treatment center, reach out to the facility directly.

Items That Are Prohibited In Detox Programs

The main focus of a detox program is your safety. That is why there are strict rules regarding what you can bring and what you need to leave behind.

Prohibited items include:

  • laptops
  • razors or other sharp objects
  • aerosols
  • nail clippers
  • vapes
  • valuable items
  • mouthwash containing alcohol
  • cell phones
  • weapons of any kind
  • candles or incense
  • pornography
  • cleaning supplies
  • electronics or videogames
  • food or drinks
  • furniture
  • over-the-counter medications

Depending on the substance abuse treatment center’s policies, you may be allowed to get some of these items, such as a cell phone or computer, back after a period of time.

What Happens If You Bring An Item That’s Not Allowed

In the event that you happen to bring an item that you weren’t supposed to, the drug and alcohol detox center will confiscate the item and send it back home with the person who brought you.

They may also hold the item in a safe space for the duration of your stay.

If you sneak a prohibited item into detox or a residential treatment program, many facilities will immediately discharge you from the program. This is because any disruption of this nature can interfere with the safety and sobriety of other clients.

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