Can I Use My Phone During Detox?

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Policies will differ at addiction detox centers regarding the use of cell phones. Some facilities will allow clients to bring their phones with them for the duration of treatment, while others will prohibit the use of a cell phone entirely.

Can I Use My Phone During Detox?

Entering a detox program is an important first step toward overcoming addiction. Understanding the policies regarding cell phones and other electronic devices is crucial for people to get the most out of treatment.

One of the most common questions among people entering detox is whether they’re allowed to bring their cell phones.

The rules and regulations regarding cell phone use in detox will vary from facility to facility, but most treatment centers do not allow phones as they more often than not become a barrier to recovery.

Why Some Detox Centers Allow Cell Phones

Some detoxification centers will allow the use of cell phones throughout the treatment process with certain restrictions. These restrictions are usually around the use of the phone during therapy sessions, counseling, and other activities.

There are several reasons a treatment facility may allow the use of a cell phone, outlined below.

Reasons cell phones are allowed include:

  • connecting with family members is an important factor in the recovery process
  • detox and rehab centers want to create a “home-like” environment
  • having access to a cell phone may keep clients motivated to stay in treatment
  • cell phone or laptop use will help some people relax at the end of the day

People who do not have a phone may be able to use a phone at the treatment facility or a pay phone to call their loved ones.

Due to detoxification being a critical time in the recovery process, even programs that allow phones will encourage clients to limit their use and focus primarily on getting sober.

Why Some Detox Programs Prohibit Cell Phones

Eliminating the use of cell phones and other electronics is considered an important policy in some rehab programs.

This is because having access to the outside world can prove to be a distraction that gets in the way of focusing on sobriety.

Common reasons cell phones are not allowed in detox include:

  • cell phone use can cause agitation and anxiety, particularly through social media
  • treatment providers want clients to learn how to manage triggers without needing to be distracted by a cell phone
  • sometimes constant contact with family or friends can be distracting
  • some clients may use their smartphones to procure drugs and relapse

If a substance use treatment center does not allow phones, they will almost certainly allow clients to contact their families through letter correspondence or the occasional landline phone call.

For some people, access to a cell phone may be essential in order to attend treatment. Contact the drug detox program to learn more about their cell phone policy.

Other Ways Addiction Detox Facilities Provide Comfort

Drug and alcohol recovery programs will often feature at least some amenities to help keep clients comfortable, particularly during the detox process.

Amenities may include:

  • nature paths and outdoor areas
  • gyms
  • swimming pools, basketball courts, and pool tables
  • lounge areas with a TV
  • private rooms and bathrooms
  • gourmet dining
  • yoga classes
  • salons and spas

Common Drug And Alcohol Treatment Options

Upon completing a detox program, most clients will be transferred to an outpatient program or inpatient facility.

Below are some of the evidence-based substance use disorder treatments commonly available post-detox.

Drug addiction treatment services and levels of care may include:

  • long-term inpatient treatment
  • short-term residential treatment
  • support groups for opioid drug addiction
  • 12-step programs
  • sober living
  • general healthcare services
  • dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • behavioral therapy
  • counseling

Reach out to the behavioral health facility of your choice to learn more about their treatment programs.

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