Coke Spoon: How To Recognize A Cocaine Spoon

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Cocaine spoons, also known as coke spoons or snuff spoons, are tiny spoons used to snort cocaine into the nose. They are typically made from stainless steel, but can also be made of other materials.

Cocaine Spoon

A coke spoon is a small spoon that is used to measure and consume cocaine and is usually marked by a shallow bowl and a long handle.

These spoons are common cocaine paraphernalia, and are often adorned with decorative signs and symbols.

These spoons allow people to easily measure and consume the drug. They are often nicknamed ‘sniffers.’

To identify a coke spoon, look for a small spoon with a shallow bowl and a long, thin handle.

What Does A Coke Spoon Look Like?

Cocaine spoons are small, spoon-shaped tools used to measure and administer doses of cocaine.

They are typically made of metal, plastic, rose gold, or ceramic, and may be decorated with images or words.

What’s The Size Of A Cocaine Spoon?

Cocaine spoons have shallow and wide bowls, making them ideal for scooping up small amounts of powder. The handle is often long and thin for easy nasal insertion.

The spoon itself is typically much smaller than the average food utensil spoon — it may measure just a few inches long.

These small metal spoons vary in size and design, but all serve the same purpose: to help people measure and take their doses of cocaine.

Difference Between Coke Spoons And Regular Spoons

Cocaine spoons are different from regular spoons, such as tea spoons and coffee spoons, in a few key ways. They primarily have extremely shallow bowls for measuring and snorting cocaine.

The shallower bowl also allows for more precise scooping of the cocaine. Another difference is that cocaine spoons often have long, thin handles.

Finally, these mini spoons are often decorated with images or symbols that are associated with popular culture.

Why Are Cocaine Spoons Often Attached To Necklaces Or Pendants?

The spoon is often attached to a necklace or pendant so that it can be easily concealed.

This is called a ‘ coke spoon necklace’ or a ‘snorter necklace’ and is a distinctive type of drug paraphernalia.

How People Use Coke Spoons

People use coke spoons and spoon pendants by inserting them into bags or bottles of cocaine and filling the shallow bowl with powder.

Then, the cocaine in these small measuring spoons is inserted into the nose and inhaled.

These spoons are used instead of razor blades, coke straws, stirrers, or other surfaces because they can be easily hidden on pendant necklaces and carried around.

Other Items Associated With Cocaine Use

There are many other types of kitchen accessories, medicine spoons, and other forms of cocaine accessories used to snort cocaine.

Some of these include:

  • crack pipes
  • dollar bills
  • syringes
  • other do-it-yourself (DIY) cocaine accessories
  • needles
  • mini shovels
  • tableware
  • tin foil
  • other small plastic spoons, such as McSpoons used for Mcdonald’s coffee
  • bottle caps

Treatment Programs For Cocaine Addiction

Fortunately, there are a number of treatment programs available to treat cocaine addiction.

Common treatment approaches for cocaine addiction include:

  • inpatient and outpatient programs
  • detox
  • individual and group therapy

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