10 Detox And Rehab Centers In Norman, Oklahoma

Updated on October 29, 2021

Choosing to undergo detoxification at a drug rehab center is a great way to start before enrolling in a formal outpatient or inpatient program.

Norman, Oklahoma Drug Rehab Centers

Many options for an alcohol and drug treatment center with a detox program are available in Norman, Oklahoma.

Anyone with a benzodiazepine, alcohol, or opioid substance use disorder will need to complete detox before beginning a program at an alcohol and drug rehab center.

Learn more about addiction treatment programs in Norman that have a detox center below:

photo of Griffin Memorial Hospital

Griffin Memorial Hospital

Provides: Drug and Alchohol Detox & Substance Abuse Treatment
900 East Main Street, Norman, OK 73071
Griffin Memorial Hospital is a alcohol and drug detox rehab center located in Norman, OK. Find out more

For 24/7 Treatment Help Call:
(888) 859-4403

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