Lovelock Drug And Alcohol Detox Centers

Published on July 14, 2020

People with severe dependencies on certain substances of abuse will likely need detoxification. Drug and alcohol detox centers offer medically supervised detox programs which help ensure individuals are safe during this process.

Within these programs, individuals are guaranteed ongoing, daily medical support, medication, monitoring of vital functions, and monitoring of overall physical health. The goal of detox programs is to restore a person’s physical health in order to prepare them for formal treatment.

Medically Supervised Detox Programs

Some medically supervised detox programs occur in detox centers throughout each state, however, any person undergoing detoxification should seek some form of addiction treatment immediately after. Detox itself is not addiction treatment, but rather the beginning of it. Because of this, drug and alcohol detox centers often pair detox programs with inpatient treatment programs, the most effective form of addiction treatment available.

Medical detox programs integrate medication to ease withdrawal symptoms, individual case management, nutritional plans, and 24/7 monitoring to achieve detox goals. Once detoxification is complete, a person can move on to inpatient treatment and recovery.

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Rural Clinics Mental Health Services

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