5 Signs You Might Need Addiction Treatment

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Many people wonder whether they need addiction treatment. These five signs may indicate that you have a substance use disorder and could benefit from professional addiction care.

Signs You May Need Addiction Treatment

A common addiction myth says that you need to hit “rock bottom” before you seek substance abuse treatment.

While many people do not realize they need help until their addiction has created serious consequences, you do not have to wait until this point to begin a treatment plan.

If you suspect that you have a substance use disorder (SUD), these five signs may reveal that you need drug addiction treatment.

1. You’ve Made Multiple Attempts To Stop Using Substances

A large number of people are sober-curious these days, questioning the impact that drugs and alcohol have had on their lives.

Sober-curious people often attempt short periods of sobriety to test the waters.

For example, some people may give up alcohol use for religious holidays or for month-long challenges such as Dry January.

Perhaps you have attempted similar short periods of sobriety, or maybe you have promised yourself that you will stop using substances for good.

If you’ve made these attempts in the past but found it impossible to follow through on your commitment, then you may have a drug or alcohol addiction.

2. You Use Substances In Spite Of Negative Consequences

One of the key signs of addiction is continuing drug or alcohol abuse even when substance use causes negative consequences.

For example, imagine two people at a party who know that they must wake up early the next day. One person has an alcohol use disorder (AUD), while the other does not.

Even though both people may desire an alcoholic drink, the person without an AUD may choose not to have one, knowing that drinking may make them feel groggy in the morning.

The person who does have an AUD, however, may still drink alcohol in spite of knowing the consequences, as the alcohol will feel more important than other aspects of their life.

The above example describes a fairly mild consequence, but other consequences can be much more serious, such as sustaining injuries from drug-induced risky behaviors.

Some additional examples of negative consequences include:

  • health problems
  • relationship loss
  • job loss
  • dropping grades
  • financial difficulties
  • emotional struggles
  • legal consequences, such as a DUI charge

3. Substances Feel Like A Need Rather Than A Desire

Another sign that you may need an addiction treatment program is viewing substances as a need rather than a desire.

One reason for this comes from physical dependence. As the body becomes accustomed to substances, it will make adjustments to account for their presence.

Then, if substances are removed, the body experiences negative reactions, including withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

It can be difficult to determine if drugs seem like a need, whether that perceived need is physical or mental.

In either case, one way to determine if you have developed drug or alcohol dependence is to ask yourself if you use these substances for relief.

You may be seeking relief from either physical or emotional issues, but if you feel that only drugs or alcohol can provide that relief, you may have an addiction.

4. You Experience Worsening Mental Health Problems Alongside Substance Abuse

Addiction is itself a mental health disorder, and it often appears alongside other mental health conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and several others.

When a person experiences drug abuse alongside other behavioral health issues, it is called a dual diagnosis.

Although mental illness does not always result in substance abuse, many people who experience addiction also have a co-occurring mental health condition.

Substance abuse can worsen existing mental health disorders. If you experience symptoms of mental illness, a treatment center with a dual diagnosis program can help.

5. You Prioritize Substances Over Other Parts Of Your Life

If drug or alcohol use has become a top priority for you, you likely require help from an addiction treatment facility.

For example, you may spend less time with friends and family members who do not use substances, or you may have lost interest in hobbies that you used to enjoy.

This shift in priorities may also impact your physical health and appearance. For instance, you might experience extreme weight loss if you prioritize drug use over eating.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Program Options

If you experience any of the above signs, seeking professional help can allow you to take control over addiction and experience better health and well-being.

Treatment options include:

A healthcare provider can help you determine which level of care will best meet your needs.

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