National Recovery Day 2021

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For 2021, National Recovery Day will be recognized on September 30. Celebrations and events are being held throughout the entire month of September to promote awareness for mental health and addiction treatment, accessibility, and recovery.

National Recovery Day 2021

National Recovery Day 2021 is on September 30. Each September, National Recovery Month serves as a time to celebrate and honor those in recovery for substance abuse and mental health.

Recovery Month is dedicated to promoting the personal and societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery.

During this time, nonprofits, government organizations, and others promote and support:

  • finding new, evidence-based treatment and recovery practices
  • creating a strong, empowered community of individuals in recovery
  • mental health and addiction treatment providers that make recovery possible

This year’s theme is “Recovery is for Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,” a reminder that recovery is for everyone.

We should all be involved in ending the gatekeeping of addiction treatment, eliminating barriers to recovery, creating inclusive spaces, and broadening our understanding of recovery.

The Goal Of National Recovery Month

This time of celebration exists to embolden Americans to pursue recovery, and support their loved ones and community members to do the same.

Recovery Month reduces some of the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders by creating awareness, sharing stories of hope, and encouraging treatment.

The leaders of National Recovery Month want to spread messages of hope and positivity, that recovery is possible, accessible, and can help people to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

What Different Organizations Offer For National Recovery Month

Every year, National Recovery Month is supported by a number of government organizations with events, fundraisers, online campaigns, and more.

National Recovery Month is typically sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

But this year, the government handed the project over to long-time National Recovery Month partner Faces & Voices of Recovery.

Find resources provided by federal organizations here:

How You Can Celebrate National Recovery Month

You can celebrate this month individually, with your friends and loved ones, or at local events.

Events For National Recovery Month

You can get involved by attending an event happening near you. This year, there are many in-person and virtual events, such as art shows, webinars, and music festivals.

You can also plan and host an event in your local community, and submit it to National Recovery Month to get it posted on their calendar.

For a full list of nation-wide events, view this calendar from the National Recovery Month

Participate On Social Media

National Recovery Month also provides materials and graphics that you can share via social media.

When you post about National Recovery Month, use the hashtags #RecoveryMonth and #Recovery in combination with other hashtags.

When you’re promoting a local event, use the hashtag #RecoveryIn[Insert Location].

When you’re talking about destigmatization, use #LanguageMatters.

And use #MakeSeptemberPurple when you post a picture of a person, monument, or landmark decked out in purple, the official Recovery Month color.

Recovery Resources

If you’re in recovery, or you’re supporting someone who’s recovering from mental health or substance use issues, there are many resources you can reach out to for guidance and treatment.

Hotlines for mental health and substance abuse:

Finding support groups and treatment:

Resources for suicide prevention:

Other helpful resources and organizations:


Find Help For National Recovery Month

The best way to honor National Recovery Month is to seek help for a mental illness or substance use disorder if you or someone you love are ready to recover.

Call our helpline and we can make a referral to a treatment program that’s right for you or your loved one.

Don’t wait to start your recovery journey. Reach out to us to begin the process of healing and living a better life.


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