5 Alcohol Detox Centers In Alabama

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Detoxing from alcohol abuse can be very uncomfortable and lead to physical complications. Alabama alcohol detox programs provide various treatment services, such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), to make the withdrawal process more manageable.

Alcohol Detox Centers In Alabama Alcohol Detox Centers

If you’re a resident of Alabama experiencing alcohol addiction or drug abuse, there are several detoxification centers that can help you navigate the withdrawal process.

Alabama drug rehab facilities offer a collection of treatments to help people with substance use disorders. Treatment plans may include inpatient and outpatient treatment in addition to detox.

List Of Alabama Alcohol Detoxification Centers

The following Alabama detox centers have been selected based on their accreditations, credentials, and trained staff.

1. Bradford Health Services: Madison Campus, Madison, Alabama

Bradford Health Services: Madison Campus, Madison, Alabama Alcohol Detox Centers

Bradford Health Services addiction treatment program holds accreditations from the Joint Commission and is LegitScript certified.

Their recovery center in Madison, AL, offers detox services and other levels of care.

The Madison Campus location offers:

  • gender-specific programming
  • holistic approaches
  • medical detox provided by a trained staff
  • family programs
  • access to transitional living
  • programs for working professionals, veterans, and law enforcement
  • opioid abuse withdrawal
  • 12-step programs

Location and contact information:

1600 Browns Ferry Rd.
Madison, AL 35758
(256) 461-7272

2. Bradford Health Services: Warrior Lodge, Warrior, Alabama

Bradford Health Services: Warrior Lodge, Warrior, Alabama Alcohol Detox Centers

This Bradford Health Services treatment facility in Warrior, AL, offers inpatient treatment and outpatient options for drug addiction.

The Warrior Lodge has separate recovery programs for men, women, and young adults. Family counseling and group therapy are some of the treatments available in this alcohol rehab program.

Patients can also find help for co-occurring mental health disorders, methamphetamine abuse, and other illicit drug use.

Location and contact information:

1189 Allbritton Rd.
Warrior, AL 35180
(205) 647-1945

3. Self-Recovery LLC: Floyd Cherokee Medical Center, Centre, Alabama

Alcohol Detox Centers In Alabama Alcohol Detox Centers

Self-Recovery LLC offers three detox centers across Alabama. Their drug treatment center in Centre, AL, can help someone safely detox from alcohol dependency.

All three drug and alcohol treatment locations operate in medical centers that are accredited by the Joint Commission.

They also use licensed and trained staff to provide a drug-free environment for patients as well as referrals to other Alabama rehab programs that provide more specific types of treatment.

Location and contact information:

400 Northwood Dr.
Centre, AL 35960
(256) 927-5531

4. Self-Recovery LLC: Greene County Hospital, Greene, Alabama

Self-Recovery LLC has a detox center in Greene County Hospital in Eutaw, AL, that provides healthcare services and other substance abuse treatment programs.

Patients experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms are stabilized by trained staff. Those with co-occurring disorders may receive additional support through dual diagnosis treatment.

Location and contact information:

509 Wilson Ave.
Eutaw, AL 35462
(205) 372-3388

5. Self-Recovery LLC: RMC Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, Anniston, Alabama

Self-Recovery LLC: RMC Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, Anniston, Alabama Alcohol Detox Centers

Residents looking for a drug rehab center in Anniston, AL, can visit RMC Stringfellow Memorial Hospital.

Medical detox programs in the Self-Recovery’s Anniston location provide medication management and substance abuse education alongside traditional detox.

Location and contact information:

400 E. 10th St.
Anniston, AL 36207
(256) 235-5121

What To Expect During Alcohol Detox In Alabama

When a person stops drinking alcohol after a period of abuse, withdrawal symptoms usually begin within 24 hours.

The severity of their detoxification and duration of withdrawal symptoms will depend on the nature of the particular person’s alcohol addiction.

Someone who has heavily abused alcohol on a daily basis for many years is more likely to experience severe and prolonged withdrawal symptoms.

Someone going through alcohol detox may experience:

  • sweating
  • nausea and vomiting
  • hot flashes
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • dehydration
  • trouble sleeping

In extreme cases, people withdrawing from alcohol may also experience delirium tremens, hallucinations, and seizures. Medical detox provides safety just in case.

During medical detox, licensed treatment providers supervise the client’s detox and administer medications, as needed, to reduce withdrawal symptoms and provide comfort.

Alcohol detox typically lasts three to seven days. Once symptoms subside, it’s recommended that clients attend an inpatient rehab facility or an intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Once a person completes treatment, they can usually enroll in aftercare services to access supportive living options like sober living homes and halfway houses during their reintegration.

People who aren’t sure how to begin treatment can contact our helpline or take advantage of free consultations and confidential hotlines offered by many Alabama detox centers.

Choosing The Right Detox Center

There are many substance abuse treatment options in Alabama. With so many choices, it may be hard to determine which programs are best suited to an individual’s needs.

Some signs of quality are:

  • LegitScript certification
  • certification through the Joint Commission
  • Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation
  • Facilities (CARF) accreditation
  • licensed staff
  • consistently high Google ratings

FAQs About Alcohol Detox Rehab Centers In Alabama

If you have questions about alcohol detox centers in Alabama, read on to learn the answers to frequently asked questions.

There are several payment options that can cover the costs of treatment services in Alabama.

Many alcohol detox centers in Alabama accept private health insurance plans through major companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid for drug detox in Alabama.

In addition to these insurance options, many detox centers offer payment assistance, loans, sliding scale fees, or no-cost treatment for qualifying clients.

Many try to detox from alcohol on their own. However, this is never recommended because alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening.

Alcohol withdrawal can cause severe dehydration, hallucinations, and seizures, which can be fatal if not treated properly. To avoid this, people should enter an alcohol treatment center.

Detox programs in Alabama are usually short-term because withdrawal symptoms typically last three to seven days. However, it’s possible for symptoms to last longer.

They may also be short because clients are encouraged to continue care with behavioral therapy and relapse prevention through inpatient treatment, residential treatment, or outpatient services.

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